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  1. Hey @JJN! Thanks for the response. That’s the direction I was leaning. I only have 1 not so good photo of it. Older gentleman didn’t have a good camera phone. Unsure until I can see it in person, but I’ve uploaded the photo I got. I’m in Stockton by the way. Thanks for the great info! jeff
  2. Hello all- I've been a lurker on this forum for a while and there is a ton of useful information from all the experts here. That info has helped me get to this point. I'm a hand stitcher (wallets, bags, etc) but have the opportunity to pick up a Consew 226R-L or a 206RB. Both machines are in good shape. No servos or speed reducers on either machines. The 226R-L is in almost perfect shape with very little sign of use. Seller is a sewing repairman who owns a shop and didn't have a background on the machine. He is firm on the $1,000 price. The 206RB shows signs of more use, but comes from the original owner of the machine. He has 2 and has always had them serviced and he regularly oiled them. He had retired from his business and only wants to keep 1. The one he is selling is in good working order. He's asking $700. Any advice or thoughts on which machine might be a better starter to migrate from hand stitching? Thanks in advance for looking and any advice! Jeff
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