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  1. Hi and thank you to Handstiched and Constabulary for the manual and the video link. It's always a good thing to have some other informations I had private messages with @DanishMan who helped me with some good informations and adjustment indications. The front/reverse stiches with the front lever is almost OK now, thanks to him. It was question to set the machine to the low dead needle point and to adjust the inside eccentric screw. It's a little bit complicated to me to explain this in english and certainly DanishMan will do it better than me. Despite this new adjustment, and next to the front lever utilisation, I still have a lenght difference using the "butterfly screw" behing the machine for the height of the walking foot. Maybe is it normal ? Is anybody who have a triple feed machine (or simply a similar PFAFF) could tell me if it is the same thing for them ? As I said to DanishMan, the most difficult for me is to understand what is normal or not with this machine, it's totaly a new world for me with triple feed ! Thank you, Flo
  2. Thank you @paloma and @DJole it's nice Before helping me with my sewing machine issues, I think this forum will help me to train my English speaking ! It's been a loooong time since school english class !
  3. Hello everybody ! I am Florence from France and I finally found the forum members presentation area ! I did it the wrong way, first posted my problem on the sewing machine forum ! now it's fixed ! You will see that my English is ... laborious! Please forgive me for using the online translator to succeed in making sentences understandable .... (I hope!) I have been doing leather goods as an amateur for a few years by hand and for 2 years I have taken my grandmother's old machine, a Singer 31k15. I also have a Singer 191B and since recently I bought a PFAFF 145 with which I have some adjustment problems ... I have already read a lot of articles on the forum but unfortunately I did not find the answers I was looking for ... Hope I can find some help here. For the moment I wish you a good day ! :-) See you soon ! Flo
  4. Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and I hope you will forgive my English writing, because I am french women (and I admit using the automatic online translator ...) (If there is a section reserved for mandatory presentations, can the moderators let me know because I couldn't find it ...) Recently I bought an older second hand simple needle PFAFF 145 machine (or a 146). The precise model is impossible to determine because the front reference plate has been changed with a 196 plate. It's like a big plastic surgery on this machine ! I have never had a triple feed machine and I have some ajustment issues ... I have browsed a lot of French forums but I have not found my answers ... Here are my main issues with stitch length: - The reverse stitch is systematically shorter than the front stitch using the front lenght regulator lever - Behind the machine there is a mechanism (with a butterfly screw) to adjust the height of the walking feet (for thicker leathers), but when I adjust the height of the walking feet, it acts on the length of the stitch (upper position = longer stitch; lower position = shorter stitch) Between these two issues I guess something about the lenght stitch adjustment is wrong but I cannot determine what ... If anyone can give me some advices or clues about this problems… I can make more pictures or videos if necessary. Thanks in advence, Florence
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