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  1. I've been using barge contact cement and as you all know, it smells like some poison. I am looking to replace that with some white water-based glues. Can anyone make some recommendations? Something that can create strong bond like barge but not as smelly.
  2. Trial and error. Just try things out and see if they work out. Leather balm is designed to seal. It has been working out for me. Apply the leather balm and apply aussie over it. It should seal the dye. p.s. If Tan-Kote is edge kote from fiebing's, its for the edges.
  3. I found this video on YouTube and I was wondering if I can make that kind of look with other leathers. Can I melt a black wax and dump a leather in it to get that kind of look?
  4. Aussie is not for sealing/finishing. Fiebing's leather balm with atom wax is a good seal that goes well with Aussie.
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