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  1. Might do a pair like this for my self!
  2. Of course I'd be happy to! Just PM me
  3. Unfortunately I was out of tan kote and needed something to protect it, I've done it before when I had to with no side effects, good idea to run the strap over pvc, I bet it gives it a smoother stretch than just using your hands. The reason I use olive oil is 1. Don Gonzales suggested it 2. It gives a more even color than nfo in my opinion and I dont know why the leather would be dry as I really put alot of oil on it. I never thought of adding dye to oil, I will definitely try that! I'll run a handful of test pieces using what you provided and see if it helps, thanks for the reply!
  4. I used some imported veg tan from a reliable source that I've used many times before, dye is medium brown from Fiebings, generously applied olive oil and then a top coat of pro resist also from Fiebings. I dont use this color dye often but it seems that when I do, it just destroys the integrity of the leather, or is it something else im doing?
  5. Great start! My only suggestion would be to fill the negative spaces a little more, you don't want alot of background showing, just enough to give it depth, and either run your basketweave up to the pattern or extend the pattern out to the weave so as to not have a bunch of flat leather in between, a border the same size as your edge border snaking across would work as well, keep it up! Sheridan style drawing really takes some practice to get it to fill and flow
  6. Thank you! I wish! Lol they are all hand tooled, I did 60 of them and I started seeing the pattern in my nightmares haha
  7. I tooled my first piece of leather in January of 2019 and been at it ever since, heres a pic of my first attempt, then the same a year later
  8. Thank you! It takes about 3 hours total time for a finished belt, around 90 minutes to tool and 90 minutes for assembly, dye drying and all that, I've gotten much faster over time, it used to take me 3 days to make a belt! Thank you sir! You've been putting out some nice stuff yourself, those holsters looked great to me! This was only 20 out of a 60 belt order, I was absolutely sick of the pattern lol
  9. Some of my latest work, just thought I'd share
  10. You're not wrong and I get what you're saying and respect your way of thinking however for arguments sake for this particular situation and this venue, she could be a Hindu indian, wearing a native american headress and married to a son of the royal family in England, in which case Indian Princess would be accurate, oh and her pronouns are she/her
  11. Mostly a Barry King 00 steep checkered beveler, for the lace I beveled it and then where it goes into the headband used a BK size 0 lifter to make it look like holes, thank you
  12. Didn't mean to offend or be anti "woke", also it is the title of a post on a leatherwork forum, not a billboard on a highway or an educational pamphlet, its not stamped into the strap, even before I made the post I was aware of the hierarchy of our native Americans, would squaw be more acceptable? Not to mention the fact that a native american woman probably wouldn't have worn a chiefs headress anyway, its art, and true art is not pc, if people would keep their feelings out of things this would be a better world, just my .02
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