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  1. I have a set of the Japanese style and I love them, they were sharp right out of the box and they make your stitches look great! One note I would offer is definitely use the smallest needle you can with the thread you're using as the holes will be much smaller than tandys other chisels
  2. A few of my recent pieces, thanks for looking!
  3. Oh it's not from Disney, its from Hans Christian Anderson, the original creator that Disney stole it from lol
  4. Never did I think that I'd be tooling Bette Midler into leather but here she is lol My wife's favorite movie and her favorite holiday (Halloween) and our 3rd wedding anniversary(leather) are all coalescing into a themed purse as a surprise
  5. Yep! I used dye in an airbrush, turquoise and black
  6. I just drew the cards onto the leather with an 8b pencil, carved them in then painted them
  7. A customer had very specific designs in mind for these Louis vuitton backpack straps
  8. Great work! Thats going to be a nice wallet. I did a Mason wallet a while back and I had a similar vibe, I should have added the hammer and trowel, thats a good idea
  9. Might do a pair like this for my self!
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