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  1. Try Buckskin dye as your center color, its actually yellow with about a drop of brown dye, I've used it before and airbrushed medium brown around the edges and it turned out great
  2. What area of central Texas? I get my slabs from a countertop place up the road, they give me drops for free when I ask nicely
  3. I just made my own upgrade, not everyone has the capabilities however if you can find a small machine shop and tell them what you're after im sure they can make you something awesome for $60-$100
  4. A friend of mine gave me about 6 feet of an old band saw blade, 2" wide because i wanted to try to make a utility/pattern knife. Here's what I came up with, my question is how hard are saw blades usually? And does a knife made from it hold a good edge? All my files were skipping off the metal because it seems harder than the file. This is my first attempt at knife making btw so any additional advice appreciated
  5. 1. I do it both ways depending on whether the customer already has some, I prefer to supply the shoes because working with new ones is better than working on someone's stinky shoes haha however I make it clear that if I order them the shoe size they request there are no refunds or returns if the don't fit 2. Depends on the design but between 150 and 200 3. I use 4-5 oz leather, anything thicker is too stiff and anything thinner doesn't tool deep enough
  6. Just some comfortable shoes
  7. Making myself a pair of Hey Dude shoes toppers, getting tired of seeing the same floral designs over and over so decided to do something different for myself, the shoes are dark grey, should I dye the backgrounds or just antique and go with it?
  8. Tyvek paper and double sided tape, you can get both at Makersleathersupply.com, I've never had any problems making them this way
  9. Not sure about the rest of the tools but here is my "review " of the pricking irons, they're great actually https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/93274-tandy-pro-japanese-pricking-irons/
  10. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VHRPGNK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_4TXEXR3Z5E8XQW6TG48J Amazon, believe it or not it is some pretty good leather, heres a pic of the flesh side
  11. Very nice! His work has always been my inspiration, I love the way the patterns always look so smooth and blend well, did you use an antique or just oil?
  12. Thanks! I find that Wickett and craig has smaller pores and a smoother surface so the antique won't darken it as much and with the larger pores of hermann oak it tends to grab more antique thus making it darker
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