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  1. No affiliation however I respect the club, I ride solo
  2. DustinSmith


    Work in progress
  3. I was on a bit of a time crunch for this one, I started it this afternoon and with a little help from a blow dryer got it done in 6 hours
  4. I actually did consider that but I've never actually met the customer so I went with the safest route, she could have extra wide or narrow hips, good thinking though! Here is the finished product
  5. Not super happy with the bar grounding but its the only size I have right now, BK tools are expensive!
  6. I love my customers and I love tooling leather but I'm starting to not love sunflowers and feathers so much lol
  7. You can't show off a sheath without showing the steel too lol
  8. Thanks! I tool and then punch the holes
  9. What helped me when I started was make sure your swivel cuts are smooth and deep and I switched to a Barry King steep angle beveler, it stays in the cut better with the sharper edge
  10. 2 purse straps and some Hey Dudes
  11. Purse strap for a customers diaper bag
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