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  1. And the gratuitous blade shot lol
  2. 3 inch at the top and tapered down to 1 inch
  3. Has anyone ever heard of or seen one? Seems like it would be the last blade you'd ever need
  4. Been wanting to make one for awhile now, finally had a customer request one, had a good time making it
  5. I agree, .6 would be right, .8 is all I had on hand
  6. Here is .8mm thread and the holes with light behind them
  7. I have been looking for some good stitching chisels for awhile now that don't come from across the pond and pulled the trigger on some Tandy Pro irons today and decided to share some test results. These "pricking irons" will actually punch through the leather and make some nice holes. The French style won't but these will. I just wanted to give everyone a closer look if anyone was on the fence about them, granted I only just got them today so this is all preliminary and not long term use. I tested them on 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 9-10 and lastly 14 oz top to bottom in the picture, using a 16 oz barry king maul. Went through like butter with one strike on everything but the 14 oz Ps I am not affiliated with Tandy in any way and only buy hardware there occasionally
  8. Thanks all! The pattern is mine although I found inspiration from the Google machine, this sling was for a customer however I'd like to make another with no paint and a light antique
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