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    Old West history, vintage guitars, american cars from the 50's and 60's, music from the same period.

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    guns rigs, belt, wallet, purse, guitar straps
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    everything about leathercraft
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  1. this is a very impressive et clean work. Bravo Monsieur !!!!!!!! Jesse
  2. Hello everyone, this is my latest project. An order from a customer for an old west holster for his Smith and Wesson 357 magnum. 3.5mm leather Waterstain medium brown dye Hand stitching with linen thread coated with beeswax. Jesse
  3. Hello everybody, this is my latest projet. I tryed something different with the color and the inlay with salmon leather. Jesse
  4. hi, this is my latest project. Exterior veg tanned leather 2 mm. Interior 1 mm. Completely handsewn Jesse
  5. Thank you guys very much for you kind comments Jesse
  6. Thank You guys Mich, I poster it in april on the two french forum. Thank for your compliment. Jesse
  7. That's wright, Jerome make very good tool. I have one too.
  8. La grande classe encore une fois !!!!!! Your work is amazing Jesse
  9. Very classy, bravo Your work is very clean Jesse
  10. Very nice belt with a beautiful and regular stich. I'm like you, I love handstiching. By the way, c'est une alène de Jérôme n'est-ce-pas ? Jesse
  11. Hello my friend, You did it !!!!!!!! Mich' is real good friend of mine. He is my reference in leatherwork. He always has good advice and help me when I'm stuggling with some issues. I'm so happy he's here to share is wonderful work and his passion. I told him about this great forum. Welcome among us my friend Jesse
  12. Hello Forester, I really like this rig. Your work is outstanding and very clean. BRAVO !!!!!!! By the way, did you sell it ?
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