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  1. Zinon

    Boxing bag

    Cool, thanks @DanC. Will keep that in mind
  2. Zinon

    Boxing bag

    @DanC Thanks for the thickness suggestion, makes sense. I’ll attach a pic of a part of one of my sketches that I think is what you mean minus the eyelets. I’ll double stitch the top and bottom section of the centre panel so to mitigate any injury, at the end of the day I’m going to be kicking the bag too(Muay Thai). Probably should have specified what punishment the bag is going to be receiving. I think if it was simple, it wouldn’t be any fun and really welcome the challenge to my skillset.
  3. Zinon

    Boxing bag

    @Handstitched Thanks for the link! Was a good read. I'm looking forward to the challenge. I’ve narrowed down the hardware(D-rings and swivel). Hopefully I can narrow down the leather. If I’m being honest, this whole idea is so that I have a good excuse to buy a good sewing machine... besides the end product being something awesome I can hang up, and possibly brag a little about. So the next thing I’d have to figure out is probably going to be machine selection. But that’s gna be a whole new post, given I don’t find the info I need with some searching. thanks again for the input.
  4. I’ve been busy sketching patterns for a boxing bag and am at the sourcing stage of the project. Has anyone made a traditional boxing bag? What would be the best leather to use? Is there a traditional type from a specific tannery I should look at? And what thickness. I look forward to hearing from anyone that has experience in making boxing bags. All input will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi all! I’m a South African currently working offshore in the oil and gas industry, I spend most of my off time working on leather projects when I’m home. Picked it up from my dad who used to have a leather repair shop when I was young, I have fond memories as a six year old running around his workshop. I didn’t think about the old shop for many years and my interest in leathercraft somehow organically sparked in my late twenties and have now become obsessed with learning and trying to perfect techniques and the art in general. I hope to make a living from the craft in the future, given I achieve the level I aspire to reach. Looking forward to absorbing as much knowledge as possible from everyone on here. Zinon
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