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  1. Hi, I have recently started increasing my leatherworking and as such have been using different dyes and started really embossing leather. Previously I would only have used Eco-Flo gel Antique on embossed leather as it sits nice in the grooves and darkens them. However, having watched several how to videos I am now experimenting with using normal dyes (currently have a Fiebings Waterstain that I am using) and then using a finish to darken the groves of the embossed bits. In the video I watched they used Fiebings Antique Stain finish but I cannot seem to get the black version of that anywhere online for a decent price (I am in Dublin, Ireland). So instead I got Eco-Flo gel antique black as from what I can tell they do the same thing. Here comes my problem, I tried it out on a small piece of leather that I stamped a little, Dyed it green with the waterstain and then applied the gel after it dried and tried to wipe the excess off straight away but it didn't really come off and just left a black smear over the green. I applied it with a dense sponge and wiped it off with a kitchen towel wrapped around a sponge. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a difference between the two antiques and should I keep looking for the fiebings one? Hopefully somebody can help as I really want to start using more colours but the whole idea of embossing is to get that nice dark vs light effect. Cheers, Jelle
  2. Hi, I am posting to see if anybody knows of any place where I could go to learn fantasy or medieval armor leatherworking. Whether this be a paid apprenticeship or working for food & board I don't mind, I am looking for something where I can go for a few months and really practice the craft and learn the ins and outs. I started leatherworking about 2 years ago and found a had a real like and affinity for it. My main problem is that my current lifestyle does not lend itself to learning this myself. As of 2 years ago I left my corporate career to chase one working with animals. For the foreseeable future I will not have a homebase where I can practice my leather craft. This coupled with the fact that I don't learn very well on my own but learn a lot better when I have somebody knowledgeable nearby who I can bounce ideas off and ask questions to every now and then. I also find I am not very interested in making wallets and handbags (which is the majority of modern day leather craft I feel. I realise that what I am looking for is very niche and I have searched the internet countless times but have never been able to find anything like this (aside from Prince Armory but I need a bit more experience to start there) even though I know it is out there. I am hoping somebody here can point me in the right direction. Cheers, Jelle
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