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  1. Thank you Uwe, Sometimes it seems a very small world. I had found and watched the 3rd video a few times before I joined this forum so a big thumbs up for that. I'll watch the 1st one today and try and learn some more. I'm looking forward to having a play on the machine once and if I can find the broken part.
  2. Thank you Matt. I'll will get him to have a look at the gears and grease etc. i don't know where the timing belt is but we will have a look together under the machine. I can't look myself as it's too heavy to lift for me. Where do you get parts for your machine. I've been Googling all day and can't find the part I'm looking for. I daren't use it at the moment( even through I was only practicing) because of the broken part but it was sewing okay the majority of the time
  3. Wow thank you for your quick reply. The machine is a 67-72. I'll check out the information you have kindly given.
  4. Hi everyone. This is my first post from good old England. Please be gentle with me. My husband has bought me an Adler 67 machine to have a go at making leather upholstery for a Campervan he is in the process of converting. I am a 'hobbyist' who enjoys sewing but I'm on a steep learning curve. The machine is sewing but the handwheel was quite stiff to turn and the thread underneath had been jamming occasionally. Hubby has stripped the bobbin holder down to clean it out, with everything stripped out the handwheel is freely turning. Unfortunately, one of the parts look broken and after some research on youtube, I think it's called a bobbin case opener (pictured below). Can someone tell me how to find a replacement part? I am struggling with trying to find a part number or any information regarding this item. What does this part actually do on the machine? Could this be the reason for the stiff handwheel?
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