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  1. Hello from southern MN Never would have guessed that was beaver tail, very cool!
  2. Thanks for the reply! When I say seal, yes I’m referring to something that helps to keep the dye/paint from transferring/getting damaged. In the back of my mind, though, it seems like varnish over an oil painting once it’s dried - you know, the kind of thing that’s the last and final step where little to nothing is going to penetrate beyond that film. I think that thought is what’s scaring me haha. I definitely appreciate you listing some brands as that’ll help me narrow down my research. Also, super thanks for sharing some of your processes. I have a lot of practice and play ahead of me and it’ll be interesting to test out different approaches and see all the effects. Hopefully I’ll have good things to share ;)
  3. Why hello all! As you can see, I am brand new here as well as to leather. I’ve only made a pair of breast collar tugs and girth guards so far - no tooling, just dye. I’m starting to envision all sorts of projects (particularly a headstall to match my saddle and an archery bracer for my mother) and my artsy background is getting me excited about COLOR. My question for you is this - are saddles sealed? And if so, with what? How do they absorb conditioner once sealed? At first I was turned away from paints (for the bracer) because my impression was that after sealing the leather can’t absorb anything else. I feel like I have been conditioned to, well, “condition” my saddle, and it seems wrong to not have to do that with leather? Then I was also finding information where saddles are sealed and I just grew more confused. So, what’s the lowdown?
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