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  1. I use the 50/50 all the time. But you have to clean the skin before you but it in the solution. I use a knife that I haven't finished yet (no edge at all) and run it down the skin after tacking it to a 2x8 board scape it clean of flesh and membrane and it will be fine.
  2. I researched and purchased the Cowboy outlaw a couple weeks ago. I do a lot of venues with no power and making sheaths for blades by hand is a pain. Here is my review: 1. It is a solidly built machine. Cast steel and heavy brass, nothing lightweight about it. 2. The learning curve is not so steep that a non sewing, non leather worker couldn't figure it out. 3. It is temperamental if you are not aggressive on the up and down of the handle. 100% range of motion, anything less and you WILL get a jam. 4. The jams are easy to clear up. 5. There was no owners manual (at least with mine). But it was not to hard to figure out with YouTube and a little mechanical knowledge. 6. I have stitched almost 3/4 of an inch of leather together (three layers of 8-10 oz and a 8 oz canvas) with no problem (once I mastered point #3) 7. If you want to see the machine look on FB at TDY Blacksmith. Hope this helps.
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