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  1. I have a question regarding the durability of heated edge paint on bridle leather. I'm making a bunch of dog collars out of mostly Wickett & Craig & Chahin bridle, some are made of Chahin Holster Strap Leather. I burnished most of them, but I'm not happy with the look of the burnished edges on some colours (i.e. Chestnut). I dyed the edges and its not the technique I'm not happy with, they are round and smooth and shiny. Its a personal preference. I have been experimenting with Vernis Edge paint using a cheaper version of the Regad Filiteuse on other projects, like bags and wallets. I really like the look of it. But I am wondering if it will hold up to the abuse a dog collar has to go through. The collars are going to be the first items I'm actually starting a business with and are going to be for sale in 2 stores. So obviously I want to stand behind my products and not get complaints about the edge paint peeling off... Any advice would be appreciated..


  2. Bit late to the party, but I am currently using black Tokonole to burnish the edges of black Wicket & Craig Bridle. I finish with beeswax. The result is more matte or satin than glossy, but I think it looks great. I found that I needed more of the black Tokonole to fully cover the edge, compared to the clear drying one. But the results are far better than Fiebing's Dura Edge. 

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