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  1. Regarding the manual foot lift lever, I couldn't find the exact part no. 91-010 735-15. I found some others that look similar, like for 1245 models or so but I don't know If they would work as it supposed to on this model. If you know where I could get one, I'll be glad to know.
  2. Thanks. One big reason I chose Pfaff over Singer is because I easily found a cheap OEM Pfaff table for it (I was so lucky, because I wasn't looking particularly to be OEM Pfaff table), so I just needed to fit the machine and It was ready to sew. With Singer I couldn't get easily one that fits at least here where I live.
  3. Hey guys, look what I found here. Are these 2 screw holes for edge guide, finger guard or? Does any subclass of 545 has these set of screw holes? So far, I didn't see this on any 545 models while searching the internet. What do you think?
  4. Good afternoon, folks Thanks for the congratulations. I've done a little research, so the lift is 11 mm or approx. 1/2" on this model particularly (many of you are probably already familiar with that I guess). Watched a Pfaff model 145 on YouTube with the same H3, it sewed like 8 layers of leather at its max limit. Pretty impressive! Can't wait til I get the table and the motor and start working on this perfect German piece of machinery. Btw, I found a manual on the internet or instruction book as Pfaff calls it, however that pdf was a mess, inconsistent resolution of the pages, very annoying, so I took care of that issue, so If anyone will ever need this, here's my fixed version of that manual: manual_pfaff_545_145.pdf Best regards
  5. Hello, everyone I’m happy to report that today I bought my first leather sewing machine and finally I made a decision, I chose it Pfaff. It looks in a decent condition. However, It does not come with a motor, nor a table, just the head only and It cost about $150 (Singer had the same price as well). Does anyone knows like an approximation when these models were manufactured? What is the maximum thickness of layers that this machine can handle? Thank you all so much for your honest opinions and suggestions. I appreciate it. my best regards
  6. There's a little update, I've been told wrong, It is not 145 but 545-H3-6/01. That's the correct model of Pfaff.
  7. @toxo Yes, it does. Both have reverse By the way, does anyone knows when these sewing machines were manufactured? Like an approximation? I guess the Singer is much older than the Pfaff?
  8. Hey, everyone. So, recently I have been offered these 2 vintage walking foot sewing machines. And because I do some upholstery projects as a hobby and not professionally, I don't want to invest a lot of money on expensive one. So, the machines are Pfaff 145 and the other is Singer 111G156. What would you choose between these 2? Which one has more spare parts available? I'm more biased toward the Pfaff. But I would appreciate your opinions so much because I'm not so much experienced with the sewing machines. EDIT: Hi, I’ve been told wrong, It’s Pfaff 545-H3-6/01 and not 145 Best regards
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