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    Outdoor cooking, restoring old edge tools, camping, metal working, hand-tool carpentry, leather crafting and making music get most of my spare time.

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  1. That is so cool! I didn't know I needed something like that
  2. Woodshed


    Wow! Just wow! Beautiful work!
  3. The axe head is unbranded, but its bits are as tough a steel as any I've yet to sharpen, so tough I thought all my files had gone dull (they are not dull, verified by subsequently re-profiling a different axe head). To get to the finished profile took a lot of work with the files followed by an hour or so of using a puck made from a cheap water stone from a local Asian market. As shown, the right bit is just a bit longer than the left bit; as the sheath was patterned directly off the head the fit is best when the face shown is towards the front.
  4. Woodshed

    Dog Collar

    Greta with a new collar, looking very contented!
  5. This is a new adze I got for a woodworking project. Had a piece of thick alligator embossed cowhide scrap that came in a scrap bag that was big enough, so decided to go for it. This was dry-formed only, no need to wet and dry.
  6. I have a neighbor who took it upon himself to remove a very dangerous tree from my yard. It was so tall that when it started to fall it became snagged in the surrounding trees and could have fallen at any time, and had to be removed. He looked at it and said he could get it down. He drives a truck and is only home a couple days a week, yet he took a morning to help me and the tree is down. I want to thank him in a memorable way, it was such an act of kindness. So starting with a double-bit axe head I got on eBay, I made him this axe and sheath to be presented to him in appreciation of what he did. The axe head is an old one, probably pre-1960. The bits are a very hard steel and had never been profiled and sharpened properly, so I rectified that situation and the bits are now properly profiled and sharpened to a razors edge. I just finished up the sheath this morning. I think all-in-all it will make for a very fine presentation and expression of my gratitude.
  7. I'm restoring an old Plumb hewing hatchet atm. After re-profiling the bit and making it chisel sharp, it had to be made safe; leading to this fun little project...
  8. So, in January I was just going to make a few sheaths for some of my edge tools. Just a few and I'd be done. Hah! As someone who likes using my hands, I just cant stop playing with leather. There is so much to do and learn it's an adventure. When I found this forum (quite accidentally) I soon realized that there are thousands of years of cumulative leather crafting experience here. Thanks for letting me join and I look forward to visiting, learning and posting some pics, etc.
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