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  1. Im only aware of this one. https://www.chicagoschoolofshoemaking.com/making-boots/
  2. Just for myself. I know people where saying I need so and so machine, and probably should have clarified I want this just for myself. My main interested are riding boots, and frontier boots with an emphasis on ergonomics using things like elastic like what you see with paddock boots or chaps. What is this planning and small cylinder machine planing you say used to be common? I will look into Jason Hovater.
  3. oh well I guess that makes obvious sense. The reason I was more interested in the singer 29 was because it was being sold for only 1200, while these wheel based sewers with a high post where all going for at least 3k plus or more. I will check out that channel.
  4. I see, so one of those high post bed machines. I was watching a video on some doing a repair with them and he commented on how often the bed is simply to big, and its obvious something similar can be accomplished much more easily with say the singer clone. I havent seen many of those high post machines however, and so far the most ideal one has been a puritian leather stitcher like this. Is puritan the only one that makes them like this? They are the only ones I have seen doing this style with an extremely small bed.
  5. Ya its a rubber molded cup sole, though I really dont intend on going that route and would probably use a leather or sheet rubber sole. Any advice? I am hoping I can do most of the stitch work with either of the two machines listed, but I am looking for input on them.
  6. Any other channels for different styles? Im not particularly into cowboy boots, but from what it seems, most of the sole area work is done by hand initially. The rest appears to be doable with something like one of the patching machines that I linked. The 115 dollar one appears to be actually based off of a bradbury machine: https://sewalot.com/bradbury_sewing_machines.htm Heres a piece I would like to be able to recreate. I think the term for sole making may have been also called 'lasting" at least from a local company called dehner boot company.
  7. I am not particularly sure of the correct terminology for the methods of footwear making, but I would like to do something along the lines of inward style leather footwear, where the sole is more proportioned to the sole of the foot as opposed to being larger to accommodate an outward stitching as are seen in many boots. The boot on the right has what I am trying to do. I get the idea the sole is the most difficult part to get done at this point, yes? I would also like to make myself a pair of winter boots soon as well that are about 12 inches high.
  8. Im not sure what this forums thoughts are on making footwear and using machines for it, but I would be curious what you all think with regards to that. So in looking for a footwear machine for leather footwear, the two by far most prominent ones are chinese clones of the Singer 29 in either a short 12 inch arm or longer arm variant, and the newly imfamous 115 dollar Politype clone leather patcher. Neither of which come motorized, all of which are sold in some rebranded name or another like techsew, axis, yequin, etc, which makes understanding it all the more difficult for getting parts. If anyone has either and can comment on the pros and cons of working with either machine I would be grateful.
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