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  1. Hello! Brand new on this forum, and to leather working. My boyfriend got me into it, and I'm pretty obsessed at least with thinking about all the things I wanna make. lol So far he's made nothing and I'm half done with a bag. So, score one to me! hehe Anyway, I'm making a Harry Potter themed messenger bag with plans to stain the body one color and then apply a leather decoration that I'd like to be painted with opaque colors. I was reading (on websites that aren't specifically focused on leather work) that acrylic art paint can be used if thinned and painted on in thin coats. Is this good advice for a leather piece that wouldn't be bent a lot? This thing is going on the front flap of the bag. I would rather the cost of the specific leather paint to go towards something necessary , y'know? For acrylic art paints, can I thin with water or do I need a high flow mixing medium? I don't generally thin my acrylics with water when I paint on anything else, but I guess if the water can evaporate leaving the pigment, that makes sense. Second thing, would Tan Kote be a good finisher for both the dyed AND painted areas of the bag? Because that's all I have on hand as well. lol There are so many finishers out there, it's hard to know what will work on what I want to do here.
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