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  1. Yes I am in the US. primarily I am planning on making holsters for myself as I seem to get pistols that are hard to find a holster for. My friends and family may end up tapping me for a holster as well, I'm sure. But at least for the time being I'm only planning on holsters for my own pistols, like I said I seem to find pistols that I can't seem to find holsters for.
  2. Yeah I understand that there's really no rules. It's up to the person what to use. I've had holsters and sheaths that it was hard to reholster because the holster collapsed, so I was just trying to see what others are using with better results. Richard
  3. Hi all, I'm getting started in leathercraft and the main projects that I want to work on is making my own firearms holsters and fixed blade knife sheaths. I was wondering what is the best weight of leather to use? Thanks Richard
  4. Thank you all. I will check out the getting started forum.
  5. Thank you. I like the stealthiness of Black, so I was wondering is it possible to get my projects black enough with dye to match as close as possible to most of the black belts available?
  6. I am in the United States, currently Southern California but planning on moving to Idaho, hopefully soon. I want to learn to make my own knife sheaths and firearms holsters. Trying to decide if I want to paint my sheaths and holsters or just dye them.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to leatherworking. I've been thinking about learning a new skill and leatherworking sounds like something that I would like to learn. Any words of advice and suggestions are welcome. Any recommendations for tools and materials are welcome. Richard
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