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  1. Few of my latest ones. First up is a Colt style 1851 Navy Conversion holster. Right strong side made from Herman Oak 9-10 oz leather and done in Walnut Second is a pair of 71-72 Colt style Open Top Holsters for 5.5" barrels. Made from Herman Oak 9-10 oz leather and hand carved. Dyed Walnut.
  2. Thank you. I thought about putting it on the other side as well. Sometimes I like to hide the makers mark on the rear side. But, like in the 19th century, sometimes I put it on the front like they may have done. There are many examples of holsters with makers marks on the front side. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, the Schofields are some nice guns. They look awesome but they are not my favorite to shoot because of the distance between the grip and the hammer. I dont have large hands to its a bit more involved shooting one handed. Still fun though. Thank you.
  3. Made this holster for a left hand shooter. I know they have a hard time finding Schofield holsters in general. I took bits and pieces from historical half flap holsters and made my own design using what I liked. Finished in antiqued English Bridle. Few more pics.
  4. Does anyone have a pattern for a buttstock cover that holds ammo that they would share? wanting to make my dad one for Christmas for his Marlin rifle in .357
  5. I have used Texas Dies and they have always been great. Have only heard good things from Weaver also.
  6. Turned out nice. I have made a couple in a similar pattern. I just modified a California Slim Jim style holster to have the belt loop made into the holster instead of sewn on.
  7. Cool. I'll look for your earlier thread. I like the design. Bravo to you.
  8. Excellent. Can I see the back of the holster? Are they made from two pieces like a pancake? If so, do you cut the front larger than the back?
  9. Well I like your design and think it goes perfect with the 1911 style of pistol.
  10. Very nicely done. Did you design your own pattern for these? I have been wanting to do something similar for a 1911 but havent yet. The pancake style is prob. the ones that I am least confident about.
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