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  1. I had to snicker at that, a case of gone ass, I resemble that statement! i say make it! Hey, at the worst, if you dont like it put it aside, who knows, you may start a new fashion trend
  2. Very nice! airbrush?
  3. Those are nice, perfect for the edges of wallets or the seams on shoes going to look into them, thanks
  4. Nice, where did you get the stamps? Leather dye? Or ink?
  5. Rocky Mountain Leather is a good source for decent tools, even the old standby of Tandy is more than sufficient to get pretty much anything you will need, honestly, from my own experience, the best tools are the ones you have, there is no substitute for practice, i know old leather workers who started with basic stuff from Tandy decades ago and still use those tools today, its not necessarily the tool but the hand guiding it.
  6. I would check out Maverick leather, our shipping is usually wayyyyy high out here but they are decent just going post, worth looking into and their selection is great, mostly seconds, good prices
  7. I like the canning jar idea, can see in them too,,, the brushes are what screws me up more than anything. Rockler wood working has all sorts of silicone glue tools, thinking of getting some
  8. Laser? Nice wallet, simple, will age well, have been working up something similar
  9. Cool beans Caleb, Sailrite has some excellent hardware, good folks, i have one of their LZ Ultrafeed sewing machines, really heavy duty for a portable. Nice work too bud, keep on keepin on! am curious how sales have been? been toying with the idea, Etsy opens stuff up, not sure how big their chunk ends up being but is a good way to stay close to home and still make sales, wanted to try and be more local with sales but the world be a changing constantly, Cheers!
  10. Not bad,,, it takes practice for anyone to make stuff that pleases many eyes, i get leather from Maverick, their prices are decent and quality is great IMHO, makes it less costly to get going, and get some variety, plus who of us doesnt like the smell o hides!
  11. Frodo,, is there a magnet or something to keep it closed? one of my Eberlestock packs has magnets in a flap, similar principal
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