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  1. Great thank you! I will be sure to check out those places! Harper
  2. Thank you so much, it’s an incredible help. I’ll be sure to check out the youtubers suggested! I’m actually in Australia, which really is a downfall as places I can buy tools are much more limited Also I have seen a few of JHLeather videos, and I agree she is quite good, so I’ll proba watch some more of those as well. I don’t plan on any carving/tooling at the moment anyway. I just came here for information on tools and general skills, which is what I got plenty of! Thanks again for all the help! Harper
  3. Thank you so much for all your help! I think, I’m going to do two small projects first, and tool/stamp one project but not the other, than I can decide if I will be able to tool my bigger project or if I need to practice those skills more. Thanks again, everyone has been very helpful! Harper
  4. Hi JCUK, thank you so much for your reply! Firstly, I have yet to try double stitching, but I have seen videos of how it’s done, and understand how it works, plus I have experience with regular sewing so hopeful that helps. I don’t think I have anywhere I can go to for lessons or to get help from a saddler etc, so yes please it would be helpful if you could link the YouTube channels you think are good! I was thinking maybe a dog collar might be good to make as well, so that’s just a thought. The tools list is helpful, I’m going to look into the tools I’m going to get, now that I have a better idea of what is necessary. Thank you so much for your time, everything helps! harper
  5. Thanks for your reply! It’s not likely I will tool it, at least for my first time, since I want to keep complexity and tools needed down. I’ve watched plenty of videos and I have a pretty good idea of how to try some skills. So I think I’ll need something to cut with, edging tools, and stitching tools plus thread, am I correct? (This is in the case that I don’t tool). But if I do decide to tool it, I will also need stamping tools (definitely not carving for me) and I will need veg tan tooling leather? Is this all right? And I will do some smaller items like coasters first to practice before I take a plunge. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi everyone, the first thing I need to say is, no I do not have any leather work experience so far, but I make other things hinges and am skilled with my hands. As an equestrian, I want a small easy first project to try once I have practiced some skills etc. so my questions-what would a small easy equestrian related item be that I could do as a first project, and what tools do I need to get started? Thanks in advance! Harper
  7. Thank you! Yes I was considering something like that and then expanding later.
  8. I’m looking into starting leatherwork, and as an equestrian thought I’d have a go at a bronc style leather noseband. I need help knowing exactly what type of tools I should get to start off leatherworking with this project. Thanks in advance! Harper
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