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  1. So I was preparing things to dip dye a belt and I accidentally spilled some dye on the belt. Rookie mistake, I know. Well of course, now that terrible spot is going to be darker than the rest of the belt if I dip dye it. I thought of dying it with a dauber but not sure how the edges of the messed up spot will blend with the rest. Suggestions? I absolutely cannot scrap it. It’s some of the best tooling I’ve ever done. HELP!
  2. Thank you so much! I will try that! I wasn’t sure about the acrylic going over the dye but im planning to add multiple coats anyway!
  3. Hello! I am new to the leather world. I have made a couple belts and hat patches. I am making a belt currently that is alternating sunflowers. In between my sunflowers is smooth leather. Meaning, I did not add a texture background. I need to stain the background and paint the sunflowers. I have stained smooth leather before, but always by dip dying or a dobber. I can’t dip dye this because I need to paint my flowers. I am scared that if I paint the stain onto the smooth leather, you will see brush strokes. How to achieve this look? If the background were textured, I would be much more willing to paint the dye but the smooth will show it very vividly.
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