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  1. That is really good to know. I think I might pass on the machine in that case. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hmmm. That sounds like an issue. So is there a way to convert it to a walking foot? Otherwise, seems like a no-go.
  3. I actually have some experience on a Juki from years ago when I worked at a marine canvas shop. I'm just curious if I'm limited to like 4 oz combined thickness or therabouts with this machine.
  4. I was just offered this Necchi Supernova for free. I am interested in sewing messenger bags and zipper padfolios. How thick of leather can I sew on this?
  5. That's actually what I was thinking. Thanks.
  6. I want to make my own version of Galen Leather's Medic Bag and I have created a 3-D pattern with tape and posterboard. What do I need to consider as far as accounting for leather thickness. I'm thinking the leather will be around 5-6 oz. I have made some totes and zipper pouches but this is a little trickier and I don't want to waste too much of my good leather. I also need to reinforce the panel for holding pens. I've seen a few youtube videos about accounting for thickness but I thought I would throw it out to you guys for some real advice. Here's a link to the bag. https://www.galenleather.com/collections/writers-medic-bag/products/writers-medic-bag-crazy-horse-tan
  7. I just polished the outside. I haven't attempted between the tines yet. Trying to find the best method.
  8. The Aiskaers are great. They come with a little case and after I polished them up, they pull out of the leather very easily. Hindsight, I should have gone with 5mm. Wider stitches, less stitching.
  9. Ha! I started with bears but fish were my bread & butter. Haven't done it professionally in over a decade.
  10. Luckily, I used to be a professional chainsaw carver. I should be able to come up with something.
  11. Wow. Thank you so much. I am on a mission now klutes!
  12. Looks great. I really like that top bag. So how do you merge the bowls into 1?
  13. That looks awesome! Please, if you don't mind, do you have photos of some of your other work and or process?
  14. Please, if you don't mind, do you have photos of some of your work and or process?
  15. What kind of dye should I use and when should I apply it?
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