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  1. Wow the leather looks really nice Just that I'm using a laser cutter so can only work with Vegetable Tanned leathers But will do some research and see if I can find it here in Germany, or something similar Thanks a lot for all the support! Greetings from Berlin
  2. Dear @Dwight and @sonnyboone, Thanks a lot for your quick answers I have tried to put some olive oil and waited 5 min before bending the top part. The result is already much better. Less wrinkles and acceptable I guess. I'll try the same mini-bag with a thinner leather and share the results here also. Actually I try to reproduce an item that I found online, you can see bellow. It uses I think 3mm leather for the belt part and 2mm for bag, I could find only WALPIER BUTTERO which are in those sizes. Do you know what else can I use as leather which has similar look/properties? Any recommendations would be very valuable Thanks again for your support!
  3. Hello it's Gin. I'm trying to make a small bag, using WALPIER BUTTERO - BLACK 100 - 2.0/2.2mm leather that I bought online. When I bend the top of the bag (even after 1 times) it has a lot of cracks and looks used for long time. How can avoid this? should I oil/wet the leather? Thanks in advance for your comments and help! Best regards from Berlin!
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