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  1. Yea, I’m looking a longer and thinner arms I think.
  2. I have a company that makes custom golf headcovers and accessories. I’ve been sewing for many years but just in last two started this. I’ve got several home machines but I need something to handle the leather better. I bought and subsequently sold a Sailrite. The flat bed isn’t going to work for me. id prefer to have a cylinder arm all one piece. Internal servo motor... if possible. But the one I see is by artisan and it seems rather inexpensive for a cylinder arm. I want a sturdy reliable and hopefully intuitive machine that can handle the bumps of seams . If I have to have an external motor to get what I need then so be it. ive read and read and all I get is more confused. JUKI, consew.. Adler..Yamata. knockoffs and copycats... what is the best in the 1500-3000 dollar range? thank you— brenda
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