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  1. My project(s) are rifle butt stock bullet holders for 3 of my rifles. The reason I started this thread, is that I made one a year ago for another rifle. It turned out great for my first project attempt. The only issue I have is that it bleeds a little onto the bullets. The rest of it, surprisingly enough, does not bleed off. When I made it, I only watched 2 YouTube videos for guidance. I used Medium Brown dye, and coated it with Neatsfoot. Had I known about Resolene then, I’d probably never had an issue. So this round, I’m using all of your advice, so I’m feeling confident I won’t have any issue. Again, thank you all for the sound advice!
  2. You mentioned you apply your finish after dyeing, but before you oil. I’m assuming after the Resolene is dry, the leather will still accept oil? Also, how long do I need to let the Resolene dry? A couple of days is what I’ve read other places, as well as watching videos, etc., does that sound about right?
  3. Absolutely, helps a ton! Thank you very much.
  4. I found Neatsfoot at the local farm supply, one question, they have “100% pure Neatsfoot oil”, as well as “Prime Neatsfoot oil compound” (which I’ve never heard of). I’m assuming I need the 100% Neatsfoot Oil, and not the compound?
  5. Thank you! I’ll let you know how it works out.
  6. I’ll do it, so I can just cut it with water? No need for alcohol or anything? You say avoid bubbles? I’ve obviously never used it, what do I need to look for and how do I avoid the bubbles? If I get them, how are they eliminated? Thank you!
  7. Thank you all very much for the replies and good advice! As soon as I can get to the supply store, I get the stuff to finish it. I’ll let you all know what works.
  8. Is just the Feibings alcohol-based dye.
  9. I just ordered a piece of black leather... So, massage with Neatsfoot, let dry, and use Resoline? Or no Resoline?
  10. I went with Mink Oil because when researching, I found 70/30 advice (in the Mink Oil’s favor) between the two. Plus I used Neatsfoot Oil on a previous project and it bled as well. On that project, I didn’t research much, so never found the ‘finishing’ info. So, now I’m just assuming it’s in the finish that I need to figure out. Yes, I buffed it (well rubbed it hard) with cloth towels. It stopped coming off so I let it sit overnight the massaged it with oil, let that sit overnight, then went to threading it together. That’s when it started bleeding onto my hands. Other than making another (I have extra leather on hand), or ordering a new piece of black leather, it has no tooling, so it’s not a giant problem to go this route, and using Neatsfoot.
  11. Hello, I just found and joined this forum, and I just beginning leather crafting for fun. I am making a small project, I dyed it, applied mink oil, and it’s bleeding off significantly. If it helps, it’s veg tan, dyed black. I have read that Resoline will stop the bleeding. My questions are, first, will the Resoline stop it? Second, if it will stop it, do I use black Resoline, or neutral? And lastly, will it still work even though I already oiled it, or did I destroy it? thank you for any help!
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