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  1. I run a one man leather business that makes baseball gloves into wallets, purses, and other items. I am seeking independent leather workers to help create products for me. I also use regular veg tan leather to create other products as well. If you are interested in doing work for me please contact me. References and referrals from present associate leather crafters are available. Work at your own pace, no pressure. Whenitwasagame is my business and you can find me on Facebook and I have my own site. Thanks
  2. We are still looking for creative craftsman that would like to generate high quality leather items such as wallets, purses, bags, or whatever, just as long as it has a baseball theme. In addition, we are starting to organize a fine leather works site to take advantage of our marketing skills we have learned along the way. We plan on offering high end top quality hand crafted leather items for sale in this online store. Please email me at our website whenitwasagame.org and we can set a time when we can discuss our plans and how we can work together. Thanks! Les
  3. Interested in your splitter if it is still available. Sent you a PM.. Thanks!!
  4. thanks... it was unclear to me whether or not it was posted. I thought it was posted, but noticed it didn't appear so I thought it might not have been saved. It was just the case of not being approved when I thought it was. Sorry for the error, I will be more careful next time. Les
  5. We are custom designers and craftsman of baseball glove leather items such as wallets, purses, bags, etc. Our main focus is wallets. We need a craftsman that can layout and hand stitch these wallets. We provide everything you need. You can do just finish stitching ....to complete design based on what you are comfortable doing. We are a small family operation that sells exclusively online. My partner, (sister), wants to slow down and we have built a large following online. We also do custom glove to wallet orders as well. You can work at your own pace and do as much or as little as you want. Quality of craftsmanship is our number one priority so experience is a must. We are willing to pay according the work you do on a piece by piece basis. I am a new member here so help me out if I break the rules unknowingly. Best thing would be to contact me and we can have a conversation on the phone about what you would like to do. Our website is whenitwasagame.org and you can see what we do there. I don't care where you are located or where you work from as long as we can count on you to do what you tell us you're goin to do. Looking forward to hearing from creative people that love doing quality work. Thanks... My Name is Les
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