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    18, I'm just trying to see what I can learn. I am apprenticing with an older man who plans to hand his saddle shop to me. I love saddle restoration and leather tooling.

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  1. Okay guys, prepare yourselves. I bought a 15'' seat barrel saddle from a neighbor. It was $10 okay, I saw it's potential and I snatched it. It has quite a history. I actually rode in it when I was taking lessons from her many years ago. So it had a sentimental value to it. Anyway, why was it $10? you wonder, well, she bleached the seat... and after that she tore it. Welp, I took it. The seat is dyed faux suede, grey now but used to be a beautiful vibrant blue. Now all the foam crumbled and came out of the seat. I took it to the saddle shop I apprentice in and took off the conchos securing the seat, cut the suede out, and scraped the foam and glue residue off of the fiberglass seat. I know, it seems kinda stupid to put that much into a cheap saddle, but I have the resources and means to do it. My great grandfather had a roll of leather from one of his favorite bulls and gave it to my father before he died, and I plan to use some of it to make the new seat. Now I don't usually do this, so some tips would be great from all you talented people! Thanks I hope you have a great day!
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