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  1. Once again my Big Thanks Uwe. That is very very helpful and I can now start practicing with my new found machine. I'm sure anyone else with a similar clone 335 who has followed your guidance will also benefit. Best Regards Phil
  2. Hi Uwe. Thanks for taking so much time and trouble to support me in my quest. As promised, have taken a number of photos of the motor and Control connections. I’ve also gone through and noted the various setting on the Control Unit. When I turn it on it shows the fig 13 just for a couple of seconds, then goes to the P cycle process. Pressing P and S in turn goes through the following parameters; 1st; P = n O / S = 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. right up to 30. 2nd; P = n 1 / S = 0. 1. 0. 1. 0. Recurring. 3rd; P = n 2 / S = As 3rd – alternating 0 and 1. 4th; P = n3 / S = as 2nd & 3rd - alternating 0 and 1. 5th; P = n9 / S = starts at 8 then single steps up to 20. Hope this makes sense. Thanks again. Phil
  3. Thanks Uwe. Appreciate you responding so quickly. Your picture and Wizcrafts comments are exactly right - it is a 335 (slip of the typo finger - told you I was dim). Also thanks for the Video link. Mine looks of a similar type, however when I switch on and the system goes through initial scan and I then press 'P' mine comes up with an 'n' rather than a 'v' (attempted to include a picture). If I then press the 'S' button it goes to a 'full' number not decimal and repeated pressing continues to increase the number. Presume this is a speed? Thanks for info about W&G Manual - agree I'd struggle with the Chinese!! Does anyone do a Manual on the Control Unit? Thanks so much for your help. Any further ideas would be more than welcome. Phil
  4. Hi All. Just joined Leatherworker and this is my first use. Have just bought a Willcox & Gibbs S355B Walking Foot machine. It looks very similar to a PFAFF 355 and I'm led to believe it is a clone of the PFAFF. I've managed to locate and download a User Manual for the PFAFF but it doesn't answer all my questions. Would anyone know where I may be able to get a User Manual for my Willcox & Gibbs machine? The machine is mounted on an industrial table and has what I think is a Jack Servo Motor. I can't find a label on the motor but the Control Unit looks the same as those in pictures on Google search. I'm struggling to understand the settings on the unit and how to control speed etc. The Unit label say "SC-400ZB. Energy Saving Brushless Motor". I'd welcome any guidance as to how to operate this unit. I'm rather old and very dim so simple directions would help.
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