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  1. @brmax and @Wizcrafts since you both seem to have a good deal of experience with machines or this machine. I have been considering a Pfaff 345 that I found for sale but want to see what your opinion is on using to sew 4-5 oz leather. I mostly make bags, so I'm sewing gussets and such on a juki flatbed and really hoping a post or cylinder arm could make my life easier. Would the Pfaff 345 be too lightweight?
  2. Fair point. Yeah, I have used a few cobra machines and never had complaints. Thanks for your input and happy creatin'!
  3. Thanks for the insight, @Kcstott ! I have heard good things about the class 4 and 26 for sure. I never really go much more than 3 to maybe 4 widths of 3oz leather but I do tend to use 138 thread. Glad to hear a good endorsement of the class 4 and 26. What kinds of things are you normally sewing?
  4. Thanks, @Uwe! I would love to stick in the Juki family if I can afford it, so I'll keep my eye out. or save up! Appreciate the rec. I'll search the forums, but also wondering if there's a preference of a post arm to a cylinder arm. I've only had experience with cylinder arms and flatbeds, so I don't know the perks of the post. For reference, here's gussets would be sewing (currently all on a flatbed).
  5. I've been using my Juki 1541 W for gusset sewing, and though I've muscled through, I'd love to start working on a cylinder arm to make corners easier. What are people's favorite machines to look out for? I've been combing through facebook and other formums to find something used. It'll be my first one so I'd rather not pay for something brand new while I get adjusted. I generally use 3-4oz leather and mostly for bags, always veg tanned. Thanks! (or if anyone has tips on making gusset sewing easier on a juki, I'm all ears!)
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