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  1. If you don't mind spending some money you should check out leather wranglers I believe he is making splitter blades now for both Osborne and Tandy models. You will have to wait to get it but it would be a replacement for you. I have not used his splitter blades but if they are anything like his round knives they are super sharp and a breeze to use and maintain.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I will check out the kemovan one's for sure. I get it with the steel that makes sense. I shouldn't have dropped it to start with lol..
  3. Looking for advice on good edger's that will hold an edge I have used Craftool pro edger's, weaver edger's, and Jerimiah Watt edger's. the Craftool pro's break with any kind of force or drop and only work nice for a while. Jeramiah Watt edger's dulled quickly. Weaver has been the best that I have tried and are economical but I am looking into Ron's tools edger's as well as Barry King. Any advice on either of these brands or another brand I should check out for a high quality edger? Thanks
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