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  1. ISO Singer part for a 29-4 shuttle gear 33513 and set screw 1335 Please email me if you have one for sale casdiesel@aol.com
  2. I enjoy fixing things , I took this in on trade for engine work on a car the people could not afford to fix. The local car repair shop wanted $2500.00 to fix the engine, I did the job and took a machine that did not run for the work. Surely I appreciate the help this site has offered me, there's no difference in me selling the machine, or using it to create goods for sale. I'm not a sewing craftsperson, however I have three sewing machines at this time, and do use them for my own repairs on anything around my farm that requires sewing. The people I helped were grateful to get their engine repaired and I was pleased to get the machine as a thank you. I also really enjoyed repairing the machine, it belonged to the persons deceased husband, she stated she had no use for it! It's in nice shape I would sell it for any reasonable price, I don't have any real idea of the value, surely any reasonable person would understand this situation ! Merry Christmas !
  3. Nice condition machine recently serviced , new tensioner, belt, feed dog. running nicely! $1200.00 includes crating for shipping. you may email me at casdiesel@aol.com or call 914 474-1017 Frank
  4. The machine is now running correctly Thanks for all the help. could never have done it without you guys. The center four lines on the top photo are two underside and then two top side 8 stiches per inch. I can now sell the unit $1200.00 includes creating for shipment. I use Fastenal stores they are very reasonable, just look up a store near your location, pick up at the store.
  5. I would like to thank all for the help! I can't sell any machine till I know it works properly. What would be a fair price for the Machine and table l
  6. Success at last, I readjusted everything found play in the feed dog, corrected that and installed a new one as well as the complete tensioner , which was well worn and grooved. The hook timing was a major issue, as I was not setting the needle properly, on watched the video on the Consew 225 and saw the error on my part. I was not setting the timing properly. the four center lines on the left photo is what I now have, the four center ones two front two back side. The photo on the bottom is what I started with.
  7. I can use the needle thread combination on my Singer Patcher and it works fine?
  8. I realize this however the book Singer for the 153W 102 says use a 135x7 needle which is shorter when i set up the shorter needle I still get the same problem. The thread spring adjustment doesn't seem to make any difference where I set it ! I have tried more tension up and down with the stroke as well. The bobbin case is slightly high but its not adjustable, is it possible to have the bobbin case inserted 180 Degrees off? the thread pull happens at the very top of the take up lever stroke which I believe to be correct. it seems that the needle when down leaves far to much thread st the loop than what is needed?
  9. What's your opinion on the needle size? I found a chart and the 135x17 is definitely a much longer needle length to top of eye 38.9 verses a 135x7 being 33.9 I even tried shorting a needle to no avail.
  10. I even put the #21 135x17 needle and the 138 thread in my antique Singer Patcher and it ran fine. I don't know where to go from here?
  11. Worked on the machine all day today! I Tried different needles #23, And a 135x 16 TRI leather #24 with that same thread. Even tried a much lighter thread. I started by going back and following every adjustment from the book. Started at the timing belt and went through every step as the book required. All to no avail. Tried convertable top material, light oil tanned leather I get the same reaction no matter what. I installed a new tensioner and tried adjusting it many different ways. As per the book, no good. The bottom loop is just to large, I don't know the difference it would make , the book calls for 135x7 class needles. I'm using 135x17 21 and #23 and tried 135x16TRI #24. Am I just using the wrong needle? I'm going to order some tomorrow. When I ordered the 135x16TRI I told them the machine I had and the thread I had that's what they sent me. (Miami sewing machine Co.) The top side is almost good but the bottom is terrible. I ran stiches by hand and watched the tensioner arm going up it just seems it's not pulling the thread hard enough, but when I tighten the spring and the tension to almost the breaking point it doesn't seem to help much , It looks to me that the bottom loop is way to big .
  12. That photo is of the thread I'm using with a 135x17 130/21 needle which may be the incorrect needle class the book calls for a class135x7 I wonder what the difference is?
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