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  1. So wanted a bench burnisher. Saw all the threads about AC etc and the need for variable speed, loss of torque etc. Junked the idea of adapting a 400watt AC grinder and was looking to get a decent DC motor with speed controller. Saw a cheap (£60) wood lathe in Lidl today variable speed 800-3000 - 550 watt AC. Thought they must have a clever regulator as you need torque at all speeds on a lathe. So just bought it but it looks like the problem with this is getting a reasonably priced drill chuck for the headstock M18 1.5 male thread. It a has a face plate so that is one option to go (turn my own) but didnt want to go this route really. Thought would be a good flexible option hone, burnish sharpen even turn. Unless I can solve this for reasonable bucks it will have to go back. I think a cost effective Keyless Chuck would solve everything. Might look to try and get a reducer for the headstock as there are lots of chucks to fit smaller threads. Still in its box. This is a Lidl middle aisle offer so when they are gone they are gone. Offer starts tomorrow 29/11 but they are there this evening 28/11 Any ideas anyone as I reckon its a good solution and all Lidl kit has 3 years warranty. I can see elephants approaching and they are white Martin
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