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  1. Hey all, trying to find out if there is a aftermarket presser that will work on my landis 1? Hard to come by a presser foot for this thing. The one I have is a #5. If anyone has one for sale I’d be interested. Thanks! Cam
  2. Thank ya’ll’ll for the input!
  3. Finally got the beast going and love it! Doe everything I need it to do plus some. I have this part that came with the machine and did not know if it was to place a spool on or what? It looks like it has a grove at the wide in for a belt. Cam
  4. Thank you Alexis. I will contact him.
  5. Hello all! im looking for any type of landis 1 manual to help me with my new purchase. I have basically everything on the machine. Trying to also find out how to wind the shuttle. Thanks cam
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