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  1. true, Anyway, I have a DD motor coming, got it for about £70, will be interesting to see how well it works, I'm quietly confident that it will mount ok as I've heard they have mounted to Singer 591D's in the past. So just a case of trying to work out how to stabilise it which should be possible which a bit of angle steel.
  2. pardon my ignorance.... don't these gearboxes have a driver input and the output shaft? I'd imagined you could just have a motor->gearbox->sewing machine?
  3. This is really interesting, so in theory, could a planetary gearbox reducer be found to link a servo motor directly to the shaft? It's good to know if I find the direct drive motor too fast, I might be able to use a planetary gearbox reducer to slow it down.....
  4. The pictured unit looks like the ones they sell for Overlockers, but I suspect they are the same internally. I've not actually used a servo motor yet but I'm hoping, bringing the speed down as far as possible on the control unit (around 400-500 RPM) should give me a usable range. I contacted a US supplier about the Yuma motors and they've stated they have fitted them on to a Singer 591 so the shank on my 491 should be suitable, I just need a way of stabilising the motor which will require drilling and tapping my machine or fabricating some other mounting system. It also seems that they supply converters with the units to adapt the servo to many common shank sizes (I think mine is 14.7mm) I'm also interested in whether I can modify the controller to have better speed control via the optical sensor as shown on this forum which would be great.
  5. Yes, this is a concern, I don't actually do lots of leather work so probably don't need a super slow speed but do want to work at a slower speed, I'm not sure how slow these motors can be tweaked to go and I'm hoping a bit of practice should be all that's required when it's tweaked right down.
  6. Hi, I've been thinking about adding a direct drive Kotor to my singer 491D but I really cannot find a great deal of information on these. My main reasons are better torque and reduced gubbins around the table. Would you be able to offer any advice/feedback on your installation? Would you recommend the direct drive option over a belted motor or not? The issue for me is likely that it will be difficult to mount and will requite some fabrication and I've heard they are noisy and have quality control issues.
  7. Reduced Gubbins about, no need for a synchronizer, no belt losses, no belt wear and a lighter table overall.
  8. Does anyone have experience with adding a direct drive servo motor to a vintage industrial lockstitch machine? It seems as though the direct drive motors seen here... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000188162454.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.7b1e20faCglHc4&algo_pvid=55f99c43-5325-47c2-af78-38bd3defab7c&algo_expid=55f99c43-5325-47c2-af78-38bd3defab7c-0&btsid=2100bb4716050851459187891e49cf&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Should work but I want confirmation first, it doesn't seem like there is any local sellers (UK) and the only ones I can find would come from China, so I just want to make sure. If anyone has any experience with them, I'd love to know what the speed control is like on them?
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