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  1. Hi Eitan, i have your own sewing machine and your exact problem. I tried everything, but I didn't solve anything Have you found a solution? Thanks bye
  2. Thanks Glenn, you have been very helpful to me, about the bobbin, thanks to your advice, I solved, finally the stitches do not jam anymore! About the reverse feed I have done some researches but I can't find a specific and clear manual for the 269. Thanks Giuseppe
  3. Good morning, I am new to this forum, I write from Italy and thanks to you I am going to modify my skiving machine (Highlead YXP-18-F2) separating the roller/belle Knife from the feed roller, I ordered the jack 513a engine and I will try to install it under. I also own a second-hand Durkopp Adler 269 and since the first day I have encountered 2 problems that I can not solve. The first, the most annoying one, if I use a thinner thread of the 20 , for example the 30, with needle 110, the machine jams, the thread wraps in the crochet and I have to stop, to make it better I set up a photo. The second problem I encounter concerns the stitches back, the needle does not return perfectly in the stitches that I sewn forward. Hope someone could help me, thank you.
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