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  1. Tonight I was finally able to resolve my issue with the stuck presser eccentric and wanted to complete this post for anyone in the future with a similar issue. Thanks to Uwe for his generous effort to make that awesome video snip so I could better understand what SHOULD be versus what I was facing. To address this I had to remove the presser eccentric assembly from the machine and then the arm shaft it sits on. See another long saga post nearby on that. I simply could not get he dial off of the flange while in the machine despite banging, prying, soaking with my entire chemicals cabinet, and of course flame torching it. I discovered that the primary issue with the stuck eccentric dial was not really dried oil - at least in the end. The flange's split collar that rides along the shaft-- that the dial also sits on -- seems to have expanded and the fit was so tight it flat out would not move - dried oil or not. You can see the very tight tolerance even in Uwe's video above. In the end - once out of the machine, I spent no less than an hour firmly and persistently tapping a fine bladed small flat screw driver into the crack to attempt to wedge them apart. It finally moved a very small amount and I continued this with one then two then multiple screwdrivers all around the perimeter for a full 60 minutes making miniscule progress along the way. Note that it must stay square along the shaft to move. Finally it's off. I will need to clean up and dress this area and get it back in form before reassembly, but the metal was strong and stood up to some pretty hard beating both inside the machine and out. Wanted to share to hopefully help others in the future. Thanks again Uwe, Gregg, and Constabulary!! Parts diagram showing the split collar portion of the eccentric flange that rides the shaft, and that the dial slips over and on to. Items on the arm shaft removed - showing flange and dial still stuck together. And finally separated.
  2. Well thank you to all who have provided great input and knowledge today. Coming off a total success for the issues I was facing. I went with Constabulary's recommendation to go ahead and cut the upper presser bushing and I have broken through the bottleneck and am back on track. Today's steps: - I was able to cut down the length the stuck upper presser bushing successfully and create room for the crank to pass and finally pull out the upper arm shaft so I could move on - checked for fit/free movement for my presser rod - still OK!! No damage after the "haircut" and all that banging and blow torching - finally got the arm shaft out and its attached components off including the stuck presser eccentric dial and flange - and FINALLY to the root issue behind all of this - get the presser eccentric dial separated from the flange to free up the eccentric mechanism. SUCCESS! In the process I have discovered that the needle crank friction/thrust washer cracked and needs to be replaced. Hard to find apparently - wondering of there is a suitable substitute with a modern material like a sturdy oil resistant nylon washer or something like that. Input is welcome and needed !!. Also I discovered that the primary issue with the stuck eccentric dial was not really dried oil - at least in the end. The flange's split collar that the dial sits on seems to have expanded and the fit was so tight it flat out would not move. I will update my previous post requesting help with this with those observations. Thanks again to all who are helping me out . I took pics t give back - hopefully they can help another person in the future. Ready to cut the bushing - trying to keep metal shavings rom getting into the machine. After the cut - filed the burrs down later. Crank and shaft coming out and just squeaks by the freshly cut upper presser bushing Here's a look with the crank and shaft removed. Shaft out showing the components The eccentric dial is still stuck hard to that flange... Checked the fit and free movement of the presser bar -- Looks great. An FINALLY got that %$^#!!*& eccentric dial freed and separated after another hour of effort. More work here before reassembly.
  3. Love the screw refurb video thanks DonInReno! So far getting them out -- to be refurbed -- is the toughest challenge I've faced. Thanks MK10 or letting me know that the bushing is not upside down. This was driving me nuts The parts diagram shows it inverted for some reason. I did try a full map gas torch on it to see if that would help and it did not unfortunately. At this point I'll likely proceed to cutting it per earlier input from Constabulary. All of the tinkering with it may have knocked it out of true. As a backup I may drill or cut & chisel it out of the mounting hole and mount a new 111W bushing -- secured with a set screw this time!
  4. Wow I could try that. Thanks for the detailed suggestion! I'm surprised that it's pressed in. There's no set screw there...so... I agree on the heat but unfortunately I've had no luck with it on the eccentric disk or the main crank set screws. I've been using a small butane pencil torch to keep the flame focused and localized. There's a ton of oil and PB blaster I'm afraid will catch on fire. -- but I guess I can take it outside and bring out the big dog and use a map gas torch. Constabulary I am also measuring just under 13mm (12.58mm) on the upper presser bushing - .495" (1/2 inch -- I'd hope that would be a nice standard value to use). The presser rod measures .340 in or 7/32" (8.63mm).
  5. OK that's where I'm leaning. I'll keep the group posted. If it fails, I'll get it out the brute force way, and replace it with a 111W upper presser bushing. I have seen them online (but not the 211G bushing for whatever reason). Anyone know a good source for the 211G bushing? I'd rather stay original if possible. Also, here is the procedure from the 211G165 service manual that I've been using that led me to the frozen presser eccentric disk. Let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks again for your response and input!
  6. Thanks Constabulary -- I'm working to get the upper shaft out to remove the presser eccentric to free the ring from its flange -- which is also flat out stuck (covered in another post a couple days back) -- which is making it impossible to adjust the outer presser foot lift. I agree with you and I'm being as careful as I can and this is what's behind my questions to the forum. So far PB Blaster soaks, acetone, mineral spirits, tapping, and torch heat have had limited effect for me on this machine for some reason. If I can find a suitable upper presser bushing replacement I will consider something more aggressive - cut it or sacrifice it and get it out. But no -- I certainly prefer not to take this path. Do these upper bushings typically slide out more easily once the set screw is removed? I suspect this one was put back in (upside down?) and press fit somehow. Does anyone know if the needle bar is the same diameter in the 111/211 family (or clones) which might give me some options for an upper bushing replacement? I am challenged but enjoying the journey! Thanks all and please help with your perspective and knowledge!
  7. Good evening - Im on a refurbing journey a 211G165 and continue to hit some issues - perhaps some earlier modifications by previous owners. Another challenge every day! Thank goodness for the expertise in this forum --- I need it again! I am trying to remove the upper arm shaft to address the stuck presser eccentric - may have to replace it. I have everything along the shaft loose and the shaft is moving OK and ready to slide out the face. I assume that the shaft must come out the face (left) of the machine (instead of handwheel side) because I can't access the set screw on the front bushing. Can someone verify this for me? Unfortunately the crank & shaft is blocked from coming out the face side by the upper presser bar bushing (see pic) -- and I cannot get the upper presser bushing (508246 on the diagram) out. See pics - versus the parts diagram it appears to be installed upside down. Can some one provide perspective? There is no set screw keeping it in (it's gone), yet it flat out won't budge. I've tapped it hard with a brass hammer but already have caused a little peening from hitting it and don't want to ruin it. Can someone verify for me that it's upside down? I'm at the point that I may cut it and pound it out so I can get the crank and shaft out. Advice is needed!! Thanks! Bruce
  8. Thanks so much Uwe and Gregg. Uwe that video is absolutely perfect and answers my questions!!! I searched high and low here and on your YouTube channel and did not see that for some reason. Yes this is issue is with the presser lift eccentric. I was able to fix the stitch length eccentric from my earlier post and moved on to the issues with this eccentric. So far I have released every screw and separated all the parts on the shaft except the stuck eccentric disk. Like you mention - I've soaked it in PB blaster for a couple days, have heated it with a butane mini torch, and tried tapping a fine screw driver in the crack. No luck! To get better access I'm considering removing the entire upper shaft to get it off and into my hands. Do you have a video or procedure to follow remove the arm shaft on a 211G165? Separately Gregg, on my machine it appears I have the spring ball safety clutch on the belt end of the hook shaft - no trigger dogs, etc. (211G165) I suspect it is also frozen as I commented in an earlier post. That will be my next venture in the refurb journey. Is there a spec or procedure for testing and setting this up for proper function? If this is better as a separate post please advise. I'm trying not to bomb the forum with questions -- but there's so much great experience and help here! Thanks each for your help!
  9. Late this afternoon I got the other shaft lock set screw out with great difficulty. It may have had some locktite or something on it by whoever had put it in. As with the second shaft locking set screw, it was a single 1" long set screw, instead of a set screw then another behind it as a lock -- as shown on the parts diagram. Regardless it did not assist me in separating the eccentric disk from the flange. I guess heat is next but still I hope to hear from someone here who has seen one apart. Should the eccentric disk just simply pull away from the flange? Does the cam follower lock into the groove somehow? Is there something I'm missing to get these apart/free?
  10. Good morning, Addressing a frozen presser lift eccentric on my 211G165 and have not been able to find any posts or videos/pics on taking these apart. Not sure what all the PO has done here prior. In my case the eccentric dial (268065) is absolutely stuck flush to the eccentric flange (508293) and wont budge apart at all, much less rotate. See the diagram. I have the retaining collar and spring off just fine and everything loosened except 1 of the 2 set screws (500321) on the friction plate (I believe it's one of the two that locks it to the shaft) that also just just will not budge. With these all loose should the eccentric dial easily spin and/or slide away along the shaft or is that set screw that wont budge somehow the culprit? Soaked everything overnight with PB Blaster and no luck at all in moving the dial off the flange or rotating it. What is my path forward here?
  11. I have solved the issue. In case others stumble onto this thread I followed terrific guidance in this older thread: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/59016-need-211w155-stitch-length-adjusting-help Not sure why it didn't pop up after multiple searches before. I happened upon it.... It does beg a new question however. In that post there is discussion of a fairly loose safety clutch and the need to tighten it up. My 211G is a refurb and has lots of tight and bound items to check -- how do you test the clutch? How much force? I don't see this in the service manuals or a search here. I was cranking on it pretty hard with the button pushed when the stitch length was bound up and it never gave way. If it's frozen or needing a tweak I'd like to get it to the right spec.
  12. As I get into a refurb of my Singer 211G165 a first issue to address is that my stitch length dial will only adjust about 90 degrees of turn. I see on parts diagrams that the eccentric looks to have about 300 degrees of turn. My dial goes "A" through "E" and I can only get from "E" to "D". When I push the button it catches the eccentric properly and that little bit of turn is smooth but then binds. My stitches are long, and I can't adjust them to short or "zero" as the manual calls for to do/check some setups. I don't want to force it. The machine turns smoothly otherwise - bind free. Before I tear apart the mechanism is there anything obvious I should check (or spray PB blaster on) to try to free it first?
  13. Good afternoon, Brand new to me Singer 211G165 I've acquired as a very dirty barn find. This is my second machine, but first industrial. I previously refurbed an old Singer 403A and it is performing flawlessly. I'm a newbie overall - worked on a few creations on the 403A - and I'm interested to begin crafting heavier items including canvas, leather, and vinyl. This forum has been invaluable already and a prime source for great info on these older industrial machines. I already have several manuals and the parts list downloaded and have begun study. My first step is some heavy cleaning which is in process, followed by a thorough lube and setup audit. I've yet to try to sew. Any input on best steps forward is welcome! I have a few questions already that could help me quickly finding parts and information: 1) the 111W155 seems to be the grandfather of many of these machines and I see references to cloned models by other makers. Are there any direct clone brothers to my own Singer 211G165 from Juki, Brother, TecSew or others that I can freely interchange parts from? Which of their models? I do see there are G, U, and A versions of my 211 and I have their materials. 2) I've already noticed that the presser lever in the rear is gone. It has a pedal lift but I would really like to reset it to stock and have something that can lock it in the raised position (the pedal doesn't lock when raised). I've done a ton of online parts searching for presser lift lever part #508309. I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help with best sites or where to try to find one? If not could the sister machine's levers work on mine? 3) I have a lot of screws that are chewed up and a couple are missing (e.x faceplate only has 1 screw intact). Are these pretty generic or do you need to find every nut, screw, and set screw by their specific location and part #? Again I'm worried about sourcing these. 4) Adjusting the stitch length per the manual works OK but doesn't appear to be changing the motion range of the feed dogs or needle.... will need to look at this one for sure. Something locked up maybe? Thanks for sharing your experience as I get underway! Bruce
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