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  1. Its a case for playing cards for a lady in our gaming group. She seemed happy with it, and it will definitely keep cards in a neat stack.
  2. I'm glad you said that, because I've already spent $200 restocking the leathercrafting bench with a couple of Wicket and Craig 9oz straps, a 5 oz single shoulder, and a whole bucket of brass hardware with a celtic knot theme. X-D
  3. Oh yeah, it will definitely be useful. I wear gloves on the job, so when I need a tool I usually have to get control of whatever I'm working on, and take off a glove so I can get into a pocket to get out a tool, usually a multitool or a pocket knife, then put the glove back on, use the tool, then reverse the process. It is awkward. Belt holsters just get ripped off while I'm squirming through tight places so I gave up on them. Despite looking a bit odd, this ought to be a really good solution functionally.
  4. So, being a chubby guy, with a bad case of the middle aged gone-ass, I depend on suspenders to keep my pants up with all the heavy tools I carry in my pockets. So, leather suspenders. Then I came up with the idea of adding a four inch wide "chest panel" with wet molded holsters for the 4 tools i use most on the job. It would be very handy.. That horizontal panel would also keep the suspenders from slipping off my shoulders too. I came up with the idea of using loxx fasteners to make that panel removable. So, while I'm confident that I can make this, friends of mine have questioned whether such a thing should ever be made. One guy suggested that rather than the civilian version of a military LBE i was envisioning, I'd just look like a giant nerd instead. I reminded him that I'm also the dungeon master of a local gaming group, so this isn't necessarily a problem. X-D So, what do you think? Should this idea ever be made?
  5. Hey there, Just saying hello from Athens, AL. Still new at this, but here is a sample of my work. Wallets, I also do dog collars and other small leather goods.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Given that I really like how the dye job came out, it sounds like I can do it, but I probably shouldn't do it. I guess I'll have to scratch the new tool itch by practicing with some scrap X-D
  7. Hi, Leathercraft is a new hobby for me, so I'm acquiring tools as I go. My first set of leather stamps just came in, and I'm itching to use them. The project I have on the bench right now is a checkbook cover made from a 5 oz veg tan. It is coming together nicely, but a border stamp would look great on it. I've already dyed the leather. (Fiebing's pro dye if that matters.) Am I too far along in the process to add that stamping? I dont want to ruin what I've already done, but I have the new tool itch Thanks
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