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  1. Hi MountainMakinMomma, I'm thinking about getting this machine and thought I would check and see how you're doing with it. Are things progressing nicely? Can I ask where you ordered yours from? Thank you. I hope all is going well! DasMike, I just noticed you have a pretty new one as well. How is it working out for you?
  2. Hi, Weavers 8 ton manual clicker has a rather hefty (to me) price tag so I thought I would ask if anyone has had experience with it before I pony up. I would also be grateful if anyone has a lead on a used one in the Maine, Mass, New Hampshire area. Thank you!
  3. I looked into the link you sent. I missed the shop link. I’ll dig around some more for it. Yesterday I realized Bob at Toledo sells thread though and I like to support him. He’s nicer than most of the reps I have in my area and I like to supposed nice business people. Thank you for the info though.
  4. I got some AandE from Thread Exchange. Good stuff so far. Thank you. And thank you for your help. You turned a waste of a week trying to make my machine work properly into a successful week during which I made my machine work properly.
  5. Thank you for the input. Got my new needles this morning and tensioned my machine accordingly and it’s much better. I also finally realized I was using junk thread I had accidentally bought. Compared to the thread brands sold by Thread Exchange, Amman, A and E and Filtec, there is a clear visual and tactile difference. Filtec is even a little less stiff than the other two. I know this is a frequent question but since the thread was a big part of my problem. Does anyone have a favorite brand of bonded nylon they want to mention here? Thanks again!
  6. Wow, thank you guys! I’ll give that a try. I would be so happy if this worked out. I already ordered 140/22 needles. Can’t wait to give them a go.
  7. Thank you for the response kgg. I’ve been using The Thread Exchange for needle and thread sizing. Here they show 138 working with needles from 125/20-140/22 unless I’m reading it wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve actually taken the machine to 3 technicians for service and they say my setup is okay. Of course each time the machine only works for a short time after they’ve worked on it before I have trouble again.
  8. I have switched the bobbin thread direction. Yesterday it came to me in a flash that maybe I had it in wrong. No luck. Still wonky. The needle is a 130/21 with 138 thread. I believe it may be pushing it but within spec. The leather thickness varies as I sew the wallet depending on how many layers are being sewn. Not more than1/4” at the most. Thank you for the thoughts. I really appreciate it. Just so you know, I’ve also tried different thread, a different needle, rethread the machine, new thread in bobbin and maybe a couple of other things. Today I had it working on several lines of test stitching but I sewed a wallet and the bobbin side was wonky again.
  9. Hi, I have a Pfaff 1245 with what appears to be tension issues. The bobbin thread won’t snug up unless I have the top tension so tight every knot is pulled through and the top thread basically lies flat across the leather. If the knot sits somewhere in the middle of the leather the bobbin thread is loose and even a little wobbly. Thank you for your help!
  10. Thank you JJN. That's a good endorsement of the 206RB. I'm glad you've found some machines you connect with. I hope to land there and the 206 May turn out to be the one.
  11. Thank you. I think it’s high too. So the two machines are considered to be in the same class?
  12. Hello, I’m a bit pulling my hair out wondering if I should get a Pfaff 1245 HD, or a Consew 206RB. Just the head in either situation. Obviously the Pfaff is used but is fully refurbished. The price they are asking is $1300. The Consew I guess will be right in the same area. If there is a good reason to spend up to $2K I might be able to do that as well. This machine will make leather bags, leather and waxed canvas bags, wallets and belts. I would very much appreciate help. Thank you!
  13. Thanks for the pep talk! Bob in Toledo already settled me down but it’s great to get your encouragement. I’ll try to hang in there and I’ll definitely avail myself of the search tool.
  14. Thank you Chrisash. Honestly I’m thinking a return may be in order here, if possible. I’d like this learning curve to be less steep. Readily available parts seems like a good step.
  15. Thank you folks. I called Toledo and Keystone. I’ve talked to a couple of dealers and they say you can’t get them but maybe these guys will have some solutions. I’m a bit disappointed with the dealer I bought the machine from. I tried to consider all elements but these got by me. Being that they’re the professionals and I asked for a leather sewing machine I would like to have been notified of this issue. I’m beginning to realize I’m at the beginning of a steep learning curve.
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