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  1. Unfortunately I have no idea how I would ship this so I’m saying local pick up only.
  2. More photos available upon request.
  3. Great Pfaff for heavy sewing of canvas and light leather. It’s in very good condition. Comes set up with a servo motor and reducer pulley which allows for excellent control at slow speeds. The original clutch motor is included for high speed applications. I made a 2” thick work table out of plywood for it that will provide years of unbending, non warping service. The classic original lamp is included. I’ll leave it set up for testing by the user. I spent a year with the help of the kind folks on this forum getting this set up just right. Now I want a post bed to take my work to the next level. Some needles included but not the thread or other sewing supplies seen in pics.
  4. That would be great. I’d really like to see it in action.
  5. Seriously, I alternate between flabbergasted and mad. Repetitiveness makes perfect, and boredom. I do appreciate their skill though. I’d love to see them work for a day.
  6. that’s what I had pictured initially but couldn’t find anything like it. I can’t find the Cowboy mentioned above but there is a Techsew like it.
  7. That’s a nice looking one. I’ll look into it. Maybe put it on my wish list. Thank you all for responding.
  8. I can’t picture how to sew a long seam down each side of the bag on either of my machines. Here are a couple of other pics. I’m not sure if this clarifies it though.
  9. All the bags I see now, I never looked until I got into leather, have overlap seams. I have a cylinder arm and flat bed but could never make an overlap seam down the side of a tote with those. Maybe a shoe repair machine or post bed? I look at the stitch work on commercial/fashion bags and am stunned by the quality. That’s completely aside from the fact that I can’t physically do an overlap down the side of my bags.
  10. Hi, does anyone know what type of machine the fashion industry uses to get their beautiful overlap seams?
  11. I decided against going all in on an Adler or juki and went with a Techsew 4800. It arrived without issue and I have been using it for a while. I don’t sew too much because I’m really slow at everything but it seems to be working fine. There are some issues I think but will wait to do a more complete review until I’m certain they aren’t user error. for now I’ll say I’m not overly impressed with fit and finish but maybe Pfaff and juki are similar. I haven’t seen new ones. Functionally, it seems good. Again my level of experience doesn’t allow me to comment too much on quality here. I really wish I had access to a good dealer who could demonstrate machines before purchasing. Sorry I can’t provide more info to those in the market for a machine but hopefully I’ll be able to be more confident in my assessments in the future.
  12. Hi, I’m interested. Can you PM me? Thank you. James
  13. I just found an old thread started by Uwe extolling the Juki LS-2342. Looks like an amazing machine and the H series would handle #69-#266 thread according to the brochure Uwe posted. There don't seem to be any available in the US based on a quick internet search however. I do have a Juki dealer nearby that I like. Unfortunately he's retiring so I would have to strike fast and hope for the best. They seemed to cost about $5500 back in 2018. I imagine it's more than that now. If it's competitive with the Adler with the Weaver business discount it seems like a good option.
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