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  1. well arent you sweet! I think i like making bags so much because i CANNOT find any hardcore tough as hell bags for sale anywhere at any price even the MOST $$$$$$$ bags on ebay are thin junk made in china out of trash leather! And thats not right
  2. i saw these online, i deconstructed them in my head and made a few , already sold a couple......made on my new COBRA 26
  3. well of course thats some GOD LEVEL leather craft you made there. Snappy and sharp
  4. i kinda intuitively guessed that would be the case, then i guess its a case of CHOICE OF LESSER OF TWO EVILS........loose hold but have more control, or have HOLD, but less control.
  5. i just looked there, i cant find anything, looks like they havent posted in years
  6. wow! what a story, are you doing ok and cancer free now? Yes, steve is a helpful critter, .... glad i got one of his machines
  7. Im a critter of knowledge and pure curiosity.......MY cobra 26 is smooth like the one below, obviously the serrated grabs the leather better for friction reasons. are all new ones like mine like this as an improvement from the "OLDER" ones that are serrated?
  8. I searched high and low, and finally got my cobra class 26, ive used one at other peoples places before and i know quality when i see it more than most people (actually thats what im paid for, honestly it is,...tell people the quality to buy on diff products). I had a few questions, one a user error (hehe~!) , i called and "bugged" ole Steve at Leather machine Co 3 times on his private phone, and hes TOP NOTCH service. I honestly never see service and help this good, im so glad i got a COBRA! heres my machine, i love it
  9. i did, i got no reply i dont care about the cost, i just want the machine,......preferably new however, but used if i can trust the seller, buying $$$$$ sight unseen is "not cool"
  10. thank you for being so kind, im gonna contact him, also a nice guy in washington state contacted me about a used one
  11. Extremely rude statement, i have no connection to the company. Please dont say such unintelligent nonsense. Yes, i talked to him, nice guy, same problem, nobody has one
  12. youtube is littered with broken or half broken TECHSEW machines, ive built and fixed enough stuff to know lesser quality when i see it. Its impossible to consider spending a LOT MORE $$$$ for a MUCH less tough machine.
  13. thanks but ive tried everyone on earth, nobody has one, them included
  14. ive seen em, and i personally dont think theyre worth it, and they seem inferior in build to the (COPY) Cobra 26, .... all the leather "gods" told me to get the class 26 COBRA I kjnow its a clone, but all indications are that its made better, AND costs less, but RIGHT NOW, i dont care AT ALL (seriously!) what it costs,..........WHICH MACHINE is TOUGHER THAN HELL? Last the longest.???? I grew up with normal sewing machines, and i cant stand ANY plastic parts on an industrial machine, that mess burns my butt.
  15. I know they cant help it, and theyre shut down (so they tell me) until the ENDDDDD of January......well Ive been saving for a CLASS 26 , and there is NO substitute, ive seen the 'others', and theyre nowhere near as good. ID PAY A $500 PREMIUM ON TOP OF THE PRICE JUST TO GET THE MACHINE!!!!!!! Literally these days i CANT THROW $$$$$$$$ out there and get this machine !!!! Its got me utterly bummed out.
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