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  1. Soo been sticking to thinner wallets mostly cause when I go to make thick wallets my stitch lines are impossible keep straight. when punching through 4 pieces leather.might be because using 4/5 once leather.do you like to pre punch your holes or just punch through 4 pieces leather tried using ruler make straight lines instead of wing dividers that kinda helps little what’s y’all suggestions .
  2. Thanks I think I did a almost quarter inch for the width from the edge. I did pick up stitching pony makes big difference. before hand I had a table vice clamp with with two pieces leather on outside so wouldn’t leave marks had to improvise back then.And think next step figure out how get leather on backside not to have a pinched look when I punch throw with chisels seems to look pinched when done stitching maybe need not tighten the stitching so much alots practice needed still and like a stitching groover leave channel so more flush to leather ? Alots specialty tools that slowly add to collection over time just gotta practice with tools for now I really appreciate the feed back
  3. Here is another pic from today using the tips every one suggested a lot better then last project
  4. Thanks for all the Info i work crazy hrs my regular job:/ I have two sets I bought set from weaver leather craft and then I bought set from Kevin lee noticed Mascon leather uses his products had hard time finding good chisels they seem to be better then weaver ones and I will definitely get something better to punch into I also think my hammering skills need work too cause I just have really small mallet takes quite few swings just get it go through the leather and smallness of the mallet doesn’t help it’s Amazon special I been practicing with cheap tools and slowly up gradeing things as I go but definitely couple things that would significantly help and alots of practice holding my stitching chisels straight
  5. Thank y’all so much for input means a lot spend hrs cutting it out meticulously and mess up the stitching is no fun I’m gonna use y’all’s advice
  6. I been doing some leather work for awhile and I have tried everything seems like. Perfectly straight up and down chisels. using a wing divider making sure my leather pieces are squared up so when go to use wing divider has right amount spaceing on the side. I have tried the method of using couple prongs in the last hole to keep straight but I always seem get bad stitching holes on one side usually on the back side also seems like the chisels aren’t cutting through all they more of pushing through the leather I do have a small mallet should I be skyving my leather More so just Vito how get straight holes on the backside of the leather
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