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  1. Hi Constabulary! Saw that one, I'm waiting on Juki Canada to reply as I suggested that maybe they'd slipped a decimal during the currency conversion as the base feed pin I asked about was 90.00 and the throat plate was 444.45 which would make them 9.00 and 44.45. all the other parts I've ordered were within reason except these two. Somebody somewhere must have these parts for a realistic price. I had a look at Techsew and their throat plate for the 2750 is 45.00 Cdn.... but it's out of stock : ) I'll wait : )
  2. HI Folks! I'm trying to source a throat plate base for my LS 1341 (P/N 214-26200) the part is no longer available from Juki and based on what they quoted for a throat plate (444.45 Cdn) I don't think I could afford one : ) So I'm looking for someone who's maybe parting out or has new old stock for these machines. I'm also exploring the parts from a clone option but I'd like original stuff even if it is used. Thanks
  3. Hi Folks! So in the end I found and bought a used Juki LS-1341 with a servo motor which needs some help (the machine not the motor it's new : ). I've found and downloaded the parts manual. owners manual and the Engineers manual Have I missed one? I see nothing in any of these about replacing the timing belt which I will need to do. I may have a service shop do it but I'd like to read up on it. from looking at the machine I think I know how it would be done but I'm new to sewing machines but not machinery and so far it's been pretty straight forward to disassemble things for cleaning and oiling and make the repairs I've made so far. Like any used piece of equipment it is suffering from the various inept people syndrome Kgg has been an enormous help coaching me on all the things of which I have no knowledge. Needles, thread etc etc. Steep learning curve for a beginner! Does anyone know of a site that has the length of time models were made or production run times? like when the 341's were started and stopped and I mean the Juki's not the copies that would be impossible to do. Stay Safe!
  4. Hi There! I bought a complete 550W setup to convert small CNC mill a couple of years ago here is the Ebay listing number just copy and paste it into the search bar and have a look. This is a US listing but they all come from China so use the similar items search function and you should find something reasonable with free shipping or minimal. I am close enough to the border to have a US post box but it's no good now with the border closed. Hopefully soon. 164389751522 Kelly
  5. I have a couple of questions : ) Am I better to buy a good used Juki LS-1341 or the new clone. the fellow selling the JapanFuji's has some used Juki's so it too is an option. from reading here the Juki has an excellent reputation so what say you all? : ) Kgg: Thanks for your help with this, where did you get your small flatbed? I did an amazon and Google search and came up empty or I'm searching for the wrong name. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to my education! It is greatly appreciated. I'm waaay less confused than I was (yeah right) : )
  6. Has anyone dealt with Mo at Dixie Tailoring in Toronto? They have machines called JapanFuji I'm looking at a JF 341, very attractive price and appears to be in the 18 to 23 needle size and up to 210 thread which as I learn more seems to be the range I'd be in, I'm not doing saddlery and don't see myself using material much over 6 to 7 oz and that rarely. One thing I have learned is that everything seems to be a clone and some times a clone of a clone : ) kind of confusing for a beginner. So here's what I think I want, please tell me how wrong I am : ). I think I need: cylinder arm with flat bed attachment, servo motor 550 or 750W (110 volt must have) 10 to 13mm capacity stitch length? I think 10mm but I could use advice here. speed Reducer. large bobbin, end load the top load bobbins look fiddly for my old fingers : ) Needle positioning would be nice but not a deal breaker. When I price out a new TechSew 2600Pro with freight and reducer I'm really close to 4000.00Cdn as is the cobra 26 and most other comparable machines. This JF 341 is on sale for 2100.00 Cdn and 150.00 freight but I can't find much info so I'm asking here. Thanks for your help please comment if you have info or suggestions.
  7. Hi Greenwood, Northmount and Mtlbiker. Thanks for your info and suggestions. I keep watching videos and looking at features There's a lot of information to Digest, I will say A cylinder arm machine with a flat bed is probably what I'll end up with. I read a wise comment somewhere that mentioned you can't turn a flatbed into a cylinder machine but you can add a flatbed to a cylinder machine, as a total greenhorn it made sense. Should that scare me? : ) I contacted a fellow with an ad on kijiji for Cowboys but it turned out it's the same sort of drop ship arrangement Tandy has. Not sure why yet but I find the cowboy machines attractive, maybe it's price to early in the process to tell. When I do the math on a Techsew unless they have a freight program the 2750 Pro could easily end up between 3500 and 4000 by the time you add speed reducer, flatbed and taxes at least that how it looks to me. Northmount, I read Lonview wsn't selling machines anymore? was that false? MtlBiker, I followed your posts on the Techsew, I'm glad that worked out for you, they seem to work hard at customer service, thats nice to see, it isn't all that common these days but I have to say the leather goods companies I've dealt with so far definitely work hard at it and in my opinion are being successful. On with the research : )
  8. Hi There! Thanks for your replies and info, I'm on the for sale sites as often as i can be but asking someone to disassemble and ship a machine is a lot to ask so I'm slowly getting my head around a new CB3200 it seems to have the most features and be bast suited to what I think I'll need. The Fellow in Longview apparently isn't carrying the Cobra machines any longer, at least I read that somewhere but there's a kijiji Add that says Someone in Calgary is going to be a Cowboy dealer. Tandy in Canada has bee on again off again with Sailrite but now is carrying Cobras. first impressions are that freight will be the killer there as they're buying them out of the US and drop shipping to your door. As I do more research I'm thinking the 3200 and the machines in that category will be overkill but when I look at the next machines down in the lineup (341) it's very close to the same price but has no freight program so ends up being more money in the end. If / when the border opens I can drive a couple of hours and pick up the machine so I think patience will pay off in the end, in the meantime I'll keep watching the boards and see what comes up. Is there any merrit in posting a "Wanted" ad, I never look at those but perhaps other people do? Again your help and opinions are appreciated, this is proving to be more complicated than I'd first thought : )
  9. I'm new to leatherwork and am accumulating tools and material doing small projects and beginning to look at sewing machines, after a bunch of reading I think the Techsew 2750 Pro, Cowboy CB3200 and the Cobra 26 I like the versatility of the cylinder machines and all of these have a small flatbed attachment so can do both. I'm in Canada but I have a mailing address in Montana or a friend there I can ship to. There is almost nothing used up here so I'm looking south. The Border has to open eventually : ) Have I missed some good machines or a valuable resource for used ones? your help and advice would be appreciated.
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