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  1. Thanks this is very helpful information and yes the picture shows how glass like your edges are. Very nice I will try this and see how it goes what do you use to die your edges?
  2. So I'm still experimenting and on thing I found is the leather I'm using to prototype was cheap from Springfield but it's extremely dry I put neatsfoot on the edge and that seems to help. Maybe I should die my edges if I want something other than natural I practiced using the black tokenole and it gets on the front of my leather easy. I did one edge that turned out ok but I used the black tokenole more like an edge paint I let it dry and then I sanded it down with 1500 grit, kept applying dry and sand until I got a nice finish. I forgot I had a bar of Columbus wax but it's not much better than the beeswax. This is all I have at the moment after reading bobs edge finishing technic I will try some saddle soap but at the moment I cant purchase anything else. I will update you on my progress definitely trying to take my time on the edges Thanks again for the input.
  3. I have a wood slicker I just saw this machine and thought I would try it out. I'm using natural veg tan to test on. I purchased Badalassi Carlo Minerva Smooth "Vacchetta" Veg Tanned Leather to build my wallet. Thanks
  4. I don't have the heat machine just the electric burnishing Dremel like one.
  5. I saw that same edge somewhere and It looks amazing I think it will take a while before I get to that point for sure. Pretty cool that we has something else in common. Thanks for the input everyone I did some sanding before I started burnishing but I think I need to do more also I saw somewhere that you need to let the gum trag dry before you slick I'm not sure about tokenole but I'm going to experiment some more and see. Thanks again.
  6. Hello fellow leather enthusiasts my name is Landry. I just started learning leather craft about 3 months ago. I wish I would have started doing leather craft much sooner in my life but I’ve just been doing other things. I have seen several posts on this site and gotten some great information. I figured it was time for me to introduce myself and show off my project. This is not my first project that one is in the trash. I had found a free template for a bifold wallet online and it did not have a test page so when I printed it out from my phone it was not to 100% scale and by the time I finished it well it was good practice and only cheap grade b leather. Also I had bought some cheaper tools but I wish I had bought what I have now which is mid range and very nice quality some from KemovanCraft highly recommend. This bifold wallet I am making is a prototype at the moment. I wanted to do something that was different but not so far off that it didn’t work. You know don’t fix it if it’s not broken. But also why buy this wallet vs every other that looks about the same. In the process of my research and development drawing the pattern I learned something that I think some people overlook. Maybe it’s just me I’m pretty picky about details. I wanted this curved shaped corner and I found that the stitching would not look right so I spent a lot of time getting the right curve for my 4mm punches. I am testing out things before I use the good leather I bought. The first picture is another project I was trying out. The leather was cut died and then I burnished using a hand slicker with water, clear tokenole and beeswax. I really like how the edges turned out but on my second project the edges are pretty bad. I decided to try out black tokenole and I just got a summit edge burnishing machine from rocky mountain leather hoping it would help improve my edges. I know there are differing opinions about burnishing. I got a nice smooth finish with the water, I am using a medium speed on my machine I put the black on and the burnisher basically takes it off and it did spit some on my leather so I tried different speeds and added more coats of tokenole then I added beeswax and that kind of made it less smooth it's not very black and just doesn't look nice. I watched several videos and I think maybe use the machine for the water, wax and a rag for the tokenole. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I am kind of down at the moment as I was very exited to to get started on this new wallet. I'm trying to take my time and I was thinking the burnishing tool would be a quick time saver but I had to tell myself there is no quality in rushing things. Any advice would be appreciated I’m a very friendly person and I look forward to conversing with you on here Thanks.
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