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  1. Jumping in here because I'm having some difficulty with my 563. I can't figure out needles aswell. Trying to sew binding on carpet and the machine is sewing it, but having a hard time. Using #69 thread and I'm assuming 135x16 needle. It came with a full pack that size but I'm unsure. Any one know the proper size I should be using?
  2. So I got lucky and found myself a juki Lu 563! Purchased for $800 from a sewing machine repairman. I was going to wait it out and buy a juki from a company in Toronto, but the covid lockdown has no end in sight and I couldn't pass this up. Advice and Information is welcome and appreciated with this machine! Thanks to everyone who helped aswell!
  3. Thanks so much for your kind replies. I'm currently talking with my local tailor who may has some friends that own sewing machine stores. If nothing pans out for me I will get in touch with techsew.
  4. Hi everyone. I've been having a hard time finding information on this or finding sewing machines that aren't $1500+ used. I'm looking to find an industrial walking foot sewing machine for my at home projects. I will be doing carpet binding (pile height is 9mm) along with some odd auto upholstery jobs. What makes and models are recommended? Every machine I find usually can only just fit 9mm underneath or less.
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