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  1. Thats a facepalm moment. Indeed the outer foot does lift when the inner for makes contact with the needle plate. Your link reverts to this thread but I copied the text and found what you intended. My question was more around whether the lifting lever on my machine is the wrong size (I've seen parts online referencing both the number on my machine and in the parts list for the same part) or is there a bigger problem at play here with my machine.
  2. Mine is similar actually. the presser foot is not lifting. I just added a video too. Very interested in your solution if you manage to get it resolved.
  3. Thanks @chrisash, I had found @Uwe video previously and it is fantastic and has allowed me to realise that I am missing a few parts. However, trying to figure out if I am missing more. Trying to understand what actually lifts the presser foot. I have taken a video to show what is happening. The takeup lever and arrow are aligned but timing is still clearly out, I'll adjust this once comfortable I don't have to take too much apart.
  4. @RockyAussie yes it lifts the presser foot when I use the knee mechanism but the presser foot doesn't lift in normal operation. What part of the mechanism does lift the presser foot during normal operation?
  5. Ok, so probably a bit ambitious asking for all my problems to be solved from a few photos. I think there is a bit wrong with this machine so best to be specific. So the knee lifter lifting lever has been modified on my machine where it connects the knee lifter connection lever. It is a Simanco part #240068 but the parts list for my machine says it should be #240516. The connection lever is the correct part but the two can't connect correctly. So is the correct lifting lever a bit longer or has my lifting lever been shortened or is this indicative of a much bigger problem? My lifting lever is ~90mm inside to inside edge of the pivot and connection holes Thanks
  6. I bought a machine over here in Australia for my better half. I figured these machines are built well and parts are available, so just took the plunge. The timing belt had broken and the previous owners had sourced a new one they were supplying with the machine. The machine was looked over by a mechanic late last year so figured it was a safe buy. I removed the arm bushing (banged it up pretty bad removing it) and installed the new timing belt. I timed it with the take up lever and the arrows and then timed the hook, so she is capable of creating a stitch but there are a few things not right. The presser foot doesn't lift as part of the mechanism just sort of sits on the leather with constant pressure and the feed is out of time. I get the feeling a few things have been moved by the previous owner and trying to figure it all out leaves me feeling a few things are missing. From my studying, mostly from looking at the Consew 226 exploded parts list and the Singer 211 drawings and cross referencing with the 111G156 parts list, I think I am missing at least: 240500 - Tension release slide 240142 - Tension release slide spring 240185 - Vibrating presser bar extension 240188 - Vibrating presser bar spring 350299C - Vibrating presser bar thumb screw (pressure regulating) 200996C - Lifting bell crank cap screw Could the experts here and those with the same machine have a look over these photos and advise if these are required and any other missing parts I may not have picked up. Thanks Clive
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