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    Minneapolis MN
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    Everything leather. Recently started my own custom order leather crafting and tooling company so I love to learn anything to make me better at my chosen trade, both on the crafting/tooling side and the business side of running a small leather goods company

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    Making and tooling/carving totally custom, 1 of a kind leather goods such as wallets, bags, purses, messenger bags, sheaths, holsters.. pretty much anything other than clothing.
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    Furthering my leather carving/tooling/crafting skills. I have my own small custom order, hand made/hand stitched leather goods company.. I'm beyond busy with new orders, can't keep up and need to learn some techniques to speed production up... badly!
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    The manager of Tandy Leather in Roseville, MN. Johan i believe his name is

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  1. Thanks for the feedback battle. I do have one of those backgrounders... hhmm.. I might use that and another backgrounder. I'll definitely post when I'm done. Thanks to you and Dustin for taking the time to give me some feedback
  2. Thanks Dustin I appreciate it. I was first thinking that too- using a backgrounder. I have about 6 different gravel, pebble, etc.. backgrounders and a usual go to when tooling dirt, gravel and such along with getting nuts with my swivel knife- as I usually get 2-5 orders a week for a wallet, purse, etc.. with the customer wanting their mud truck, Jeep, etc.. tooled on it.. no prob. That's what I thought with this one until I got into tooling this and.. nothing, like my brain just shut down.. problem is, I have never had an order with the mud being so watery... thinking about maybe taking my swivel knife and cutting some outlines where the muds flying off and then beveling it and tooling it down.. but not sure that would produce the most realistic look and that's what I'm after
  3. Struggling with what tool/technique to use to tool the mud and water flying off the tire in the pic below. Tooling this on a customer's wallet. Any suggestions or help would be amazing
  4. Hello. Wondering if anybody could give me some advise on what stamp tools or other techniques they use to tool a mud truck tire moving fast, specially how to tool the mud/water being flung off and over the tire. I would consider myself at the higher end of intermediate as far as tooling experience comes but for some reason I'm struggling with this. No problem with with truck, just the dang tire. Here is the pic I'm tooling for a customer
  5. Hey everyone, hope all are well. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what stamping tools or other techniques they use for tooling mud flying off a mudtruck tire that's moving at a high rate of speed. I've been tooling/leather crafting for years now, decent enough to make a living off of my leather crafting and custom tooling I do on it, but for some reason, I'm really struggling with this dang order... I have had several customers wanting me to tool their mudtruck, jeep, etc and no problem. But the pic this fella wants is unlike the usual- he's hauling butt through a mud bog. Before I ask for a different picture or have to alter the pic a bit, thought if any of my fellow crafters could throw me a bone. Appreciate any help
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