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  1. Thanks, folks. I will give those ideas a shot.
  2. I miscalculated the number of holes I needed and pre-stabbed some needle holes in a piece of leather. Is there a magic trick for making those disappear, or at least become less obvious? I'll be dark staining the whole piece. They aren't really located where decorative stamping would go. Thanks for any tips.
  3. Dwight may be on to something. Though my problems would apply to any stitching job, so I will be looking into large blunt tip egg-eye harness needles size 4 or 5 (per a board post in the stitching section here), a better awl, one of those palm protectors, and a stitching horse. But first, I'm going to whine here in case someone wants to shed some light or tell me what to buy when I head into town on Tuesday. I got 30 cartridge loops out of 40 done. However, I broke four or five needles and broke the thread about ten times. I'm using the fake sinew stuff and it's pretty thick and strong, but not tough enough. I think the interior of the needle eyes may not be very smooth or rounded and they're wearing the thread. Also, my holes were punched through but they are tight and "heal up". I have to use plyers to pull the needle through. The loops look good and they are tight, but damn it's a pain. End rant.
  4. Thanks, Folks. The weaving looks a whole lot easier, and that's a mighty fine looking belt. I think I will give that a shot next time. Right now, I'm part way down the road with the stitching so I'll follow that through. I've got a .45 belt I've had (and road with) for about 40 years and it's still holding rounds. I do like the look of sinew stitching, but it is a labor. .22 even more so! LOL!
  5. Thanks, Sheilajeanne. When you mentioned awls, it brought to mind my wife's ice pick. I have to put a sharper point on it, but I'll give that a try.
  6. Newbee here. I'm putting small .22 caliber cartridge loops on a gun belt. I have limited tools and don't feel like a trip to town. My loop leather is 1/2" wide. My single prong is too wide (I can only get two holes across the width), and my smallest hole punch looks too big (thread would only take up a little bit of the round holes). I'm thinking of just using a finish nail to make the holes for the needle. Any reason why I should not? Thanks.
  7. I'll post the link since I don't know how to do the photo: https://www.csosborneleathertools.com/product_detail.php?p_id=370 Once there, if you click on the picture, it gets bigger and legible.
  8. Hi Frodo: Thanks. That chart will come in handy. Right now, though, his directions have me lacing up two pieces, butt to butt, with thong. He has me making thong 5/16" wide from 2.5 to 3.5 oz leather, beveling both edges on the flesh side. I don't want my punch holes too big or too small. Directions say #3 punch but I have no idea what that is.
  9. Hi Folks. Newbee here. I'm making holster out of an Al Stohlman book. He calls for a number 3 punch. I have punches but they don't say what size they are. Is there a conversion chart somewhere that shows diameter of sizes? Thanks.
  10. Thank you all for the input. I will take the advice and appreciate the link, chrisash. Vikefan, I stole my handle from an obscure gunman in 1800’s Kansas. His mentor/sheriff was gunned down by five Texas cowboys seeking revenge for the arrest of one of their own. The emptied their revolvers into the sheriff. After the shooting stopped and the cowboys were reloading in the smoked-filled room, Riley calmly walked in, turned around, locked the door, and then proceeded to kill them all. He then walked out and into history, never to be heard from again. I think more men (6) were killed in that gun fight than in any other “wild west” shootout. I guess if you show up late to the party, you might as well be smart about it. I liked the story so I took the name for a SASS handle (no longer active/member).
  11. I would like to know if there are any recommended starter tool kits. I’ve searched Amazon, and the internet in general, but in reading the reviews (I do take those with a grain of salt) I find many people are unsatisfied with tool quality and or size (some are for small hands?). About me: My main interest is cowboy stuff, holsters, cartridge belts, scabbards, cuffs, horse tack, etc. As a young person, I did some Tandy holster kits and had fun. I’ve copied a holster I have for a long barrel to have a matching one for a short-barreled revolver (cutting, stamping, dying, etc.) I am remote and, while I’m used to driving 150 miles round trip for a widget, it would be nice to have a complete kit of quality tools on hand. It would be great if they were such that I’d be happy to own them if, at some future date, I actually “turn pro” or otherwise get into this; maybe gifts that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to give. I don’t mind spending money for quality and I would rather do that than buy cheap and get pissed off when the widget breaks or otherwise fails to last. Finally, I’m the kind of person who would rather practice on the real thing, ending up with an ugly but functional item, than to practice on a piece of leather. My point here, is I’m not interested in the kits that come with little wallets, leather, etc. I’m looking mainly for all the tools necessary to crank out some holsters and cartridge belts. I’ll buy the leather, patterns, and how-to books separately. Thanks for any recommendations of tool kits/manufacturers. And thanks for any “stay-away-from” advice.
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