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  1. BD13

    Luberto Classic

    ***Located in Spokane, WA.*** Luberto Classic Leather stitching/sew Machine. Very nice machine electric/manual. Includes: Owners manual Work light Table Bobbin winder In good working condition. 3250$ Cash ***Located in Spokane, WA.***
  2. Nicely done restoration.

    What paint did you use on the restoration?

    1. gordond


      Excuse the delayed response (don't seem to get email alerts?)..

      Epoxy enamel - but not a 2 pot type which would be more desirable (but way too toxic with my limited spray paint set up).

      Just a fyi ..I would prefer overall to do a classic Japan Black ...I do have a 50lb bag of Gilsonite  ..heap of rosin ..linseed etc... But need a decent sized oven. And there is of course the recommended dose of alkyld driers .. litharge (lead based) or cobalt...this is where my interest faded..lol!

      If I had the oven-  I would switch to powder coating...and that has it's own issues.

    2. BD13


      Much appreciated.

      im currently doing a mild restoration and I’m thinking of an 2 part enamel.

      I like the idea of “after some use” areas of the paint will fade and wear. The patina giving the machine its own uniqueness.

      Wish me Luck!!!

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