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  1. Very Cool! Wish I could make that in 10 mins... LOL. Quality work and I really like your design. I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" it.
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    beautiful wish I knew how to apply paint like that!
  3. the longest part of the process was deciding what I wanted to do with it. The actual work took about 4 hrs to lay-out, cut tool and die after letting dry for a couple of hrs I put leather sheen on it and called it done. I did my pattern on the computer and printed it to transparency film. using PowerPoint I was able to set the size of the image to the size of the project. used this a a tracing for the front. just hand laid out the spine and back with what was visually appealing to me. I sewed it with my cowboy outlaw which I do think is a great machine by the way. I was thinking $149.99 as the perfect starting price LOL seriously though, I see lots of mistakes that I want to improve upon. Need a steep beveler or 3!
  4. Thanks so much for the comments All. I don't get time to do this often and it was a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday. lack of time on the bench shows in the tooling, I aspire to have finished work like some of the beautiful art you see on here. still have a lot to learn and need to put in the time.
  5. Hi all, Just made my 1st journal cover. it was really fun to make and although I am a hobbyist I was thinking I could make some of these to sell for fun on the side. any suggestions to improve and what kind of pricing I could ask for these?
  6. I took it out of the box, mounted it to a table I got at home depot and threaded it up and sewed this. As a total newbie to sewing machines I don't really know how to set it up per se, but it worked for me out of the box. 30 mins for un boxing to sewing. I am really impressed with it. Got it from tandy.
  7. Hi all, got my Daughter a colt king cobra and made a holster for her. It 2 layers of 6 Oz, wet formed with a little tooling. Got to use my air brush and cowboy outlaw sewing machine for the first time and all I can say is wow, sewing was over before it started. I can't believe what I was missing. What do you guys think?
  8. I did think about adding a stiffener between the 2 layers but wanted to try to make it work and allow it to mold to my body more. have a kydex holster for another pistol and don't like the feel. I used screws to attach the paddle and may make a backing plate and straps to convert the holster to use as an Alaskan chest holster.
  9. Update, I did just add 2 - 1/2 " washers in the catch to widen the area and it works great now. just slid them into the pocket and glued around. need to get a little more die in there to make it look better.
  10. Just 2 layers of 8 oz with a 3rd 8oz "catch" layer. May add a washer behind the catch part for more depth.
  11. Hi All, As a left handed person it is hard to find holsters so I decided to make one. this is my 1st holster and I decided to make a paddle style OWB. Wet formed the leather and used a hair dryer which really stiffened it up. happy with results but need to keep working on my tooling.
  12. Thanks Guys, I am using a 2 prong and 6 prong chisel. I have been working on keeping them straight but need to get better!. thanks too for the tips on how best to deal with multiple layers. I did glue my back 2 pieces together prior to punching holes. did the top piece first and then used it as a guide to start the others. I will keep trying! Vee
  13. that is beautiful! I have not tried painting yet, need to learn that skill!
  14. hi all, The bug is getting me. Made a knife sheath for a knife I have had for years. Never made a sheath before and while the friction fit works well I should have make it a 1/4" wider on each side. there is NO excess room. I am not happy with the tooling and my cross stich lines but it looks hand made I guess. I drew this out and designed it myself. it is 3 layers of 9 oz leather. question, How are you guys keeping the back stitch lines straight. I have not figured that out yet. here is a pic:
  15. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed building this and trying to remember how to tool and such. this took 2 full days and now I have a stitching pony on order! I am going to be practicing more and see what else to make.
  16. Hello All, I decided to get back into leather working after 30 years as my son wanted a field quiver. As my first post I thought I would share. Found my old tools and visited Tandy to get some leather and I am proud of my work being away from it for so long. tooling could be sharper and def need to practice on my swivel knife but hey, he is happy! here is a pic.
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