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  1. Thank you Wiz, I appreciate the feed back. Would you be able to recommend few leather Machines in the price range $200-$300?
  2. Thank you, would you be able to recommend a leather sewing machine that will be in a $200-$300 price range?
  3. Hello fellow members, I have been trying to find videos or info if this machine can sew leather. I am trying to learn to sew and use leather and other type of skins to make sneakers, is Columbia 440-2 good to start off with or any good for leather? It’s going for $300,Feedback will be most appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone, I have been reading many topics and it a pleasure to say, its all fascinating. I am new to sewing and leather work so I will be curve learning most of my work. I need some guidance into finding the right leather machine to make leather sneakers and eventually I will be getting into exotic skins too. I am not looking for something new, more used or second hand use. I am looking for something like $200-$300. Is there a sewing machine within that budget that works with leather?
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