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  1. Glen, do you still have bolts for attaching the head to the base available?
  2. I have acquired one Pfaff 141 (from 1956) and one Pfaff 591 (from 1962) and both came without the needle bar thread guide. I have looked at som part diagrams/lists and according to the one for Pfaff 141/541 it seems as the part is 91-005 024-05 and the screw to use is 91-700 226-15. It seem to be the same in the spare parts list for the Pfaff 191/591. But when I google around I also ge suggestions on the part with number 91-005 024-05 which seem to be a wire type and screw 91-700 226-15. The needle bar seem to be 91-709 310-01 on both machines, but the 591 seem to have a a slightly thicker needle bar. Do both work needle bar thread guides work or should I go with the one in the parts list? I´ve attached a picture of the needle bar on the 591 if that might help. Any suggestions would be very helpful on which one to choose and what would work best.
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