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  1. Danke schon! Those two links are very helpful, thank you. I've been sifting through google myself and wasn't able to find anything. It's amazing how helpful a second hand of eyes can be. With all the difficulties of finding one, I'm thinking about creating and selling a banjo template if I can figure one out. Talk about a void in the market! Thank you again for you help, and God Bless, seasidesunflower
  2. I would personally stick to Hermann Oak bridle leather. I have not been impressed with the leather from Wickett & Craig (probably in the minority though), and can't speak on Sedgewick's quality. Bridle leather shouldn't need an extra finish though, outside of maybe a nice water repellant conditioner - If anything, I might reach out directly to the company and get some answers.
  3. What tape do you use? I don't experience this issue with high quality blue painters tape. Also, what is your application process?
  4. Hey ya'll. My sweet husband has recently started playing the banjo and I'd love to make him a banjo strap and a cradle strap to help show my support for him. The only issue is, I cannot for the life of me find a banjo strap or a banjo cradle template online. Does anyone have one or know of one? I'm more than happy to pay, just want to make one for my husband. Thank you for your time!
  5. I have one that was given to me, and I've cut myself countless times on it and wasted a lot of good leather from it just falling apart on me. No name brand and no screws, only held together with rubber bands. I had no clue Weaver made a much more sturdy option, I've been buying strips like a chump. This forum helps again!
  6. I might be interested in some! Consider creating an imgur(.)com photobook, and that way anyone who is interested can be message a link and circle the items in the photos they want. Then you can replace the photos, crossing out what is no longer available. Might be easier to do one-at-a-time style thank just posting the link here though. Other than that, this forum's marketplace should help you a lot!
  7. I'm also still learning, but might have a couple of suggestions. Guessing that you aren't tooling since the leather is predyed. Even with predyed leather, it might be smart to put a small test amount in a pocket of a pair of pants you don't care about and leave it while doing daily life. Sometimes that dye can bleed and you don't want ruin family/friends/customer's clothes or purses. For a matte sheen, that is semi water resistant, try tan kote on a test piece and see how you like it. If you would like something much more water resistant and with a higher gloss/ sheen, try Resolene. I have not used it, so I cannot personally vouch for it, but I know a lot of makers swear by Sheridan RTC. As far as oils, I prefer olive oil and neatsfoot, but I tool almost everything that leaves my shop. Mink oil almost feels too greasy for me so I only use it for water resisting my husband's boots. Maybe I need to switch up my brand though. Your burnishing idea seems like it would get very glossy, especially if you sand your edges as well. Whatever you choose, I highly recommend testing it out and putting the test piece into use for a day or so. Best of luck!
  8. Thank you for your reply - I'll point her in the direction of some saddlers, though if I had to bet, she would sooner just buy a new saddle.
  9. It looks awesome all cleaned up! Great job!
  10. I agree with you! I told her from the get go it would be unlikely, but I would ask around. Can I ask what you mean by adding a rear rigging in the traditional manner? Google/youtube searches just come up with how to tack up with Western Gear. Thank you! Eventing is my main experience with horses, so I had no clue if that was even the correct placement.
  11. Hey there! My riding instructor wanted me to know if I could safely rotate the D ring to hold a back cinch safely or if she would be better off with a new saddle altogether. Does anyone have any experience with this and would be willing to offer up any advice and guidance? I can get more photos if need be! Thanks in advance!
  12. Thank ya'll! I didn't even think of gaffer's tape, and I definitely like a test fabric before- even if it is pricey, it'll be cheaper than doing it over again with leather because I messed up the first time!
  13. Hey there! Sorry if this has already been asked, but nothing really came up in the search. I'm looking to make a truck center console cover, first for myself, and then potentially offering them through my business depending on how it goes. I just can't find any guide or how-to, and when I attempt to take measurements and make a paper pattern and tape it together (alloting for seam differences) it still comes out wonky. I am not against using a fabric sleeve so that only the top is tooled, but I would like to learn how to make both. Thank you in advance!
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